Thursday, November 16, 2006

You know what this means... It's Ira Newble time!!!

Hughes is going to be out for at least two games. Windhorst thinks it'll be at least a week, maybe more. That two game time table is on the low end of the spectrum.

On the plus side, this give Mike Brown a reason to play the rookies early on.

Or Ira Newble/David Wesley. Guess which pair I prefer...

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Erik said...

Here's my guess:

Pavlovic starts. Wesley sees increased minutes. Newble and the rookies don't see the light of day.

At this stage, I think the game is just moving too fast for the rooks, and they are too turnover-prone.

Not to say rookies can't contribute, but in Shannon Brown and Dan Gibson, I think the Cavs have a couple of kids who are closer to Pavlovic than Chris Paul. They are going to take a couple of years to mature into productive players.

Hopefully, the Cavs have the patience to stick it out with them, because both have some very real ability. They're just not ripe enough yet.