Sunday, November 05, 2006

Random Thoughts from the Weekend

1. Can people stop saying saying that OSU "survived" an upset bid? They were in control all game and even though Illinois scored near the end, the outcome was never really in doubt.

2. Could both OSU and Michigan been look ahead towards the 18th? Possibly, and personally, I'm glad OSU had a tight(ish) game, they haven't had a challenge almost all season, so it was good that they got to play with a little pressure.

3. However, that offense sucked it up the second half. I distinctly remember seeing a graphic that said OSU only gained 25 yards after halftime. That's pretty awful. Sure, Tressel Tressel-balled it up, but they looked out of sorts in the second half.

4. I'm not gonna lie, I laughed my ass off when West Virginia lost to Louisville. I guess playing UConn and East Carolina didn't prepare them for a good team. Woody Paige had the nerve to say WV had tough schedule. Ha!

5. Those two voters finally changed their mind.

6. Butch Davis is on the top of the list for the North Carolina job. It'd be weird seeing two former coaches of Florida schools, Spurrier and Davis, coaching in the Carolinas.

7. Len Pasquarelli says don't bet on Steve Marriucci coaching at Michigan State. I won't lie, it would be kinda cool to see Mooch at the same school as Izzo (cause their besties).

8. I want Louisville to lose. Not because I don't want to face 'em in the title game (OSU would kill 'em) or because I want a OSU-Michigan rematch (I do) but I want as many 1-loss teams as possible. The more 1-loss teams with a legitimate beef (ND, Florida, Texas) there are, the more screwed the BCS is. I want this.

9. I'm sorry, it kills me that ABC runs Desperate Housewives commercials during college football games. I'm sure there's some overlap with the audiences but I'm not sure college football fans will be the ones watching drama in the suburbs.

10. I love that Race for the Heisman commercial.

11. Will Ferrell + the ABA? I'll be there.

12. Six Phil Dawson field goals!!!

13. I had heard that Charlie Frye hurt the thumb on his throwing hand during Friday's practice, though the CBS guys never mentioned it. But Bud Shaw did.

14. You couldn't really ask to much more from the defense. They stopped the Chargers offense for as long as any reasonable Browns fan could hope for. If the offense could sustain a drive, maybe they wouldn't have crapped out at the end.

15. As for those offensive drives... how many were sustained by Chargers penalties? 4? 5? Does anyone have a number on this?

16. re: Frye's turnovers. I don't think you can blame the INT on him, it wasn't behind Edwards, it was a little bit high, but nothing really out of the ordinary. The fumbles? Those were on Frye. Sure he was being pressured, but Frye was trying to do too much.

17. The line was awful, I don't know how many times guys got to Frye without being touched. Hell, he even got sacked on a play that was blown dead (a fucking brutal cheap shot in the back). Lord knows what the game would've been like if Shawn Merriman had been healthy.

18. This was the first time all season where I thought the pressure really got to Frye. He never looked comfortable out there and he was staring down his receivers all day. It might be time to bring Dilfer back i- wait, that's right they traded Dilfer for Ken Dorsey. And they got Dilfer for a 4th round pick. And that 4th rounder for Gerrard Warren. And they took Gerrard Warren over LaDainian Tomlinson. I'm gonna be sick.

19. I understand not taking many risks, but when you get a 1st and goal, could you please make an attempt at the endzone? When you run Droughns twice and pass on third and long, you're not making it any easier for Frye out there. Plus, you're getting me pissed off.

20. The first David Wesley-Bobby Phills article of the season.

21. That class of 2003 could be pretty good.

22. The Cavs have Atlanta on Tuesday, hopefully they'll put forth a better effort than they did the other night in Charlotte. Windhorst also remarked on their lack of effort.

23. My game recaps are going to be cross posted at Real Cavs Fans. Feel free to catch me on their message boards, I'll be the one defending Zydrunas and Snow from all the haters (you want Jeff McInnis? Do you? Eddie Curry? Huh? Mark Blount? STFU).

24. SNL has been pretty awful this season, with the exception being the Hugh Laurie episode. It was surprisingly solid all around with only one really bad cringe worthy sketch, Maya Rudolph's National Anthem bit. Yes, it's just as bad as it sounds. On the plus side, Beck performed and it was sweet:

25. My house has been getting a lot of the robo calls this election cycle. It's picked up in recent days and I can't say I picked up all of 'em. If they all seem to be sponsored by Dems, but also hammer the Dems, well, they probably aren't from the Dems.

26. Classy.

27. If I hear that fucking John Mellencamp song one more time...

28. Cardinals apologize for winning the World Series.

29. This is neat. As is this.

30. If you read this blog with any scrutiny, you've probably figured out my personal politcs by all the little hints I've dropped (/sarcasm). If you agree with me, that's awesome, go vote tomorrow. And if you disagree, I don't give a shit, go vote tomorrow.

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