Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Sign me up for season tickets!

The Tribe signed David Dellucci!!!

The Indians finally added that missing piece. No, not a closer. Or other bullpen arms. Or a first baseman.

David Dellucci. For just 11.5 million dollars over 3 years, the Tribe adds a .292 average, 13 homeruns and 39(!) RBIs.

This is great, cause he can platoon with that other OF from Philly, Jason Michaels:
Dellucci, a left-handed hitter, will face all right-handers in left field. Jason Michaels, last season's starting left fielder, will face lefties. Michaels also could play right field with Shin-Soo Choo, if Casey Blake moves to first base.
Perfect! This also solves that pesky first base problem. Casey Blake is the perfect first baseman for this ball club. I really think the Indians needed a guy at a corner of the infield who's a guaranteed 0-1 count every time. I mean, Ryan Garko, who needs him?

Dellucci's contract is going to be 3 years for $11.5 million. A $12 million, 3 year deal for a 33 year old platoon outfield is awesome. There is no better way that money could've been spent.


Jewbacca said...

Mark Shapiro is the worst money spending jew since Benjamin Warburton. Truer words have never been uttered.

Ben said...

ummm... classy?

I'm not really sure what the point of this deal really is. Was David Dellucci needed? 3 years? He'll be 38 when this deal is over, is this really a good plan?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely horrible deal. I seriously question our "amazing" farm system considering we havent had a diesel power hitting outfielder since Manny. Not to mention a first basemen, or a good shortstop. Come to think of it, make that the whole infield sans ronnie belliarde (he hit adequate for his time here) Also, feel free to remove my 1st post on account of not knowing who actually reads this blog. Probably more people than I think and individuals I do not know. Ugh, what is with Mark going after Phillys outfileders. Its like Portland only going after players with a rap sheet. Unreal.

Erik said...

Shapiro is out of here at the end of the year. You think he likes spending $11.5 million on a platoon player and calling it one of his major moves of the offseason?

Better start warming up Neal Huntington or Chris Antonetti in the bullpen.