Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Cavs are Definitely Gonna Make a Trade

Despite Windhorst's article stating this:

Due to both positive and negative factors, it appears as if this year the team will be passing on the event. Their strong first half plus a series of injuries have limited their options and desires.

Monday left the Cavs dealing with another injury as an MRI revealed starting shooting guard Sasha Pavlovic had suffered the worst of all ankle injuries, the high ankle sprain. It will keep him out 4-6 weeks.

With Delonte West and Tarence Kinsey out and a roster spot being occupied by Eric Snow, the team is essentially down four guards at the moment. Another, Trey Johnson, is on a 10-day contract.

Wally Szczerbiak, once their largest trade chip with his $13 million expiring contract, has now become a vital part of the team. He will start in Pavlovic's place in Indianapolis against the Pacers on Tuesday.

Because of all this, the vibe around the rest of the NBA is the Cavs are going to follow through with their plans to stand mostly pat.

"They are going to dance with the girl they brought," one general manager said on Monday. "They believe in that roster."
So no deal right? No trades, sorry, too many injuries. We can't afford to trade Wally for a big while they're down guards. In no way will they... hey, what's this?
They will continue to make calls and they are leaving options open. For example, they have postponed an appointment with a league-approved doctor to evaluate Snow's disability retirement claim just in case they want to use him in a trade.
Well well well. That's mighty interesting, isn't it? The Cavs have publicly stated that they're not looking to make deals, while at the same time noting that Eric Snow's $7.8 million expiring deal is available. We aren't going to attempt to deal while we're in a bad position, so we're gonna stand pat, but just for your information, yes, Eric Snow's expiring deal is available.



graham said...

Yeah, I don't believe the Cavs are really looking to stand pat. We might be able to get a really nice player for Snow. Though, I think Ferry would still like to deal Wally for your boy Vinsanity.

Chris Broussard said he believes either Shaq or Amare will end up in Cleveland....whoa.

Erik said...

If you read certain message boards, some fans getting their hopes up way too high, IMO. If the Cavs limp to the deadline as losers of four straight (a distinct possibility, given injuries and an overall teamwide funk stemming from the Lakers loss), the outcry for Ferry to do something will reach a critical mass.

You know we're getting desperate when Windhorst writes an article saying the Cavs are very unlikely to do anything, and some fans are saying "That's just a smokescreen."

Mr. Ferry, if you scan the blogosphere, you've been warned. If you do nothing, you will be viciously shredded on message boards across the viewing area. You will be accused of playing a fiddle while Rome burns.