Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Well, there goes THAT option

Well, now Ferry will actually have to make a trade to add some talent to the roster:
The New Orleans Hornets and Oklahoma City Thunder have completed a deal that sends center Tyson Chandler to the Thunder.

The Hornets received forwards Joe Smith and Chris Wilcox in exchange for their best interior defender.

The Hornets also received the draft rights to DeVon Hardin, who was selected No. 50 overall by the Thunder in the 2008 draft.

With Joe Smith being traded (to a good team) it's a safe bet that he won't be bought out this year. So Ferry can't just wait for Smith as a Plan B if the trade front falls through.

Right now, I could see the Cavaliers going either way. I could see them making a late push for a trade (like trying to get a third team involved in the Amare deal) or I could see them standing pat (though I think that's less likely now that Smith is probably gone).


Erik said...

On the upside, Chad Ford has named Wally for Antawn Jamison and Etan Thomas as one of his five trades that needs to happen before the deadline.

The only real downside to Jamison is his contract. He's 31 and inked up for four more years. Why are the Wizards such a stupid organization?

Ben said...

Jamison would be a great 6th man and Etan Thomas would be a nice 4th big to come off the bench.

But that contract... I just don't know how they could commit to that.

graham said...

Yeah, that contract is plain awful. But Jamison could also help us net a couple titles over the last couple years.

Cavs should hold a firm line with the Wiz, b/c if we take on Jamison we're doing the Washington a huge party. They're a mess right now.

There's rumors going around the Wiz's lottery pick is on the table. Well, if we're taking Jamison and Etan's contracts, they might consider insisting on that pick.

Ben said...

Jamison could work out great here don't get me wrong, but he's owed $11 mil next year, $13 the year after and $15(!!!) in his final season.

if they get a pick, that's a horse of a different color.

But I'm very wary of adding long term $$ that is owed to someone in his thirties.

graham said...

But IF you were to get that pick, you'd have to pull the trigger, right? I don't what the odds are of the Wiz offering that, but they might not have any other takers if they want to get of their situation.

You could then deal that pick if you wanted for a guy like Bosh or Stoudemire. It would highway robbery though, very unlikely.

Anonymous said...

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