Sunday, February 01, 2009


Not gonna lie, I'm at work right now.

I get off work at 5 (+ 1 hour driving).

Cavs-Pistons start at 2:30.

Super Bowl starts at 6:30.

Then tomorrow, I work a split shift (9-1 and 5-9).

So if you think I'm gonna have anyting about the Cavs-Pistons game, you're kidding yourself.

Go Cardinals!


geoffrey said...

I was reading the Windhorst's game recap online, and after the article I took a look at the comments, and came across this gem:

"Today's game reminded me of when the cavs were palyong Randy Ball back in the 99-01 seasons when Coach Randy Wittman was at the helm.

Did anyone notice mike brown coming out onto the floor when z was guarding iverson and yelling for defensive help? Completely unproffessional and disgusting.

If Coach Wittman was still the coach that play would have played out entirely different.

First of all the defensive help would have already been there because of the supreme ability he has to relate to players and how they take to his coaching.

Secondly he would have been siting with dignity on the bench and not moving his arms in a motion that's remniscent of Mike Brown at the golden corral grabbing all the food he can.

Mike brown should be ashamed, as I'm sure all of us are. Nice to a see a win, but I'd take a losing season as long as the game is played the right way, wittmans way, instead of this bush league coaching staff ruining everything pure in basketball."

As far as I can tell, I think hes serious. I mean...Randy Wittman?

Erik said...

If you could harness all the stupidity expressed in the forums and comments sections, and convert it to an energy source, we could completely eliminate our reliance on foreign oil.

The forums are the the message board equivalent of 1-900 psychic numbers: For entertainment purposes only. If you try to take anything seriously, you'll give yourself a migraine.

graham said...

Thanks for that Geoffrey. A gem, indeed.

So I guess Randy Wittman hangs out on

Ben said...

Randy Wittman just happens to be white...

the boards (and are fucking insane.

erik is right, if only there was a way we could harness all that stupid