Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Just a little bit longe

I'll have the Memphis game this afternoon. Don't worry.


Anonymous said...

Why bother now? Couldnt possibly give any more insight to how bad the Grizzlies are. Step your game up! If you havent already realized there are countless other blogs. Unless you have some ground breaking take of this game save it for after the 4 games in 5 nights.

Did however ALMOST enjoy the steroid interview. Could of used a hair more content. But not bad!

Ben said...

why bother? because I want to write about it, that's why. this is a personal blog- i don't make any money from doing this. this is shit i do (for fun!) in my free time.

sometimes I have work and other obligations. so sorry mr anonymous that i got to the memphis game late. my bad.

and there are other blogs? you're fucking kidding. i'm not forcing you to come here, (though i'm glad people do) but i try to write what i can, when i have time to do it.

but there are no ads, no plugs here. if every one of my readers go, this site will look exactly the same and i'll still be chugging along, doing what i'm doing (do you know how many cleveland sports blogs have come and gone since i've started this?).

feel free to stop by anytime and comment any time

geoffrey said...

he almost enjoyed the interview too. ass

If there are so many other blogs out there, go read them anonymous. I am sure Ben won't miss ya.

graham said...


Ben said...

I dunno. This shit usually doesn't get under my skin, but damn, I was pissed.