Monday, March 16, 2009

Being Sick Sucks

Been sleeping for the bulk of the past three days. It's been pretty sweet. Wouldn't have wanted to enjoy this weather or anything. Tomorrow I get the fun experience of calling in sick on St. Patrick's Day. I'm sure that won't look suspicious or anything. Awesome.

Anyways, here's our latest podcast (7? 7.5?) here.


Erik said...

More Big Z goodness. This from when he had his thumb jammed by Al Harrington on a blocked shot Sunday:

"They said the hand was part of the ball. I disagreed. I said the hand was part of my arm."

Thanks, Mary Schmitt Boyer. My day is a little brighter for having read your story.

Ben said...

I love Z. I wish he'd speak up more, his dry wit is fucking golden

graham said...

It is sure is golden. Thanks, Eric.