Monday, March 30, 2009

I slept in, Sue me

I still haven't gotten to see any of the Mavs-Cavs game. I'm in the middle of working 22 days in a row (next off day? Easter). Not complaining, mind you, just explaining where I'm at.

I don't have a recap for you (I slept in hardcore) but I do have a couple of things that have caught my eye.

I'm really digging Bill Simmons's podcasts. The three most recent ones have been really really interesting (Bill Hader from SNL, Michael Schur from Parks & Recreation and and John A Walsh, his boss). I really dug the discussions he has with Hader and Schur on writing for comedy shows. Really good stuff. I highly recommend.

Then there is this bad boy:

I mean.... wow. I'm a bit wary about classic children's books getting made into feature length movies but damn, that looks fucking amazing.

And finally, I just finished Dennis Lehane's The Given Day. I really really enjoyed it. It's a bit large, but fairly fast paced. It's about the Boston Police strike after WWI. Me gusta.

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chris said...

Good call on the podcast with Bill Hader. I enjoyed that one as well, although I generally enjoy the B.S. report. Unfortunately, I don't make enough time to listen to all of his podcasts.