Saturday, March 07, 2009

I'm pissed

I really fucking hate my laptop.

God I hate the Celtics. I was all pumped after the game but my laptop wouldn't work. I was all prepared and everything. Now I'm all tired (and sobered up) so I hope I'll have shit tomorrow.

The defensive effort wasn't there, the Celtics had way too many easy baskets and they seemed to score effortlessly. The Celtics had 31 fucking assists. 31 on 45 FGs. That is not good.

And I'll be honest, if the Cavs are going to beat the Celtics in Boston, they need more from LeBron. Yes, the bench wasn't good. But the Cavs will be in trouble (sans KG or no) if Bron-Bron is just 5-15 from the floor. They won't win in Boston with James having a subpar game (not saying it's his fault they lost exactly).

Mo was nice. I hate Paul Pierce and his bullshit headfake foul-call. Just because that douchebag jerks his head back, doesn't mean he should get to shoot free throws. Also, someone should box out on the offensive end. That'll be nice.


Brian said...

I put this all on LeBron. They follow his lead and he brought zero effort.

Anonymous said...

delonte west had a pretty shitty game too. 5 points??? that's just not gonna do it, brother red. we need the same effort out of him like in his first game back from his wrist injury against the pissed-ons in which he scored 13 points in the first quarter, 20 in the first half and 25 for the game. when delonte plays well, the cavs almost always win, but when he plays poorly, the team usually plays poorly as well. hopefully he and lebron both will have a bounce-back game against the heaters tonite.

Anonymous said...

.....................nice ^_^v..............