Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Why not bring Charlie Frye back too?

I mean, as long as we're repeating the past...
The open quarterback competition between Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn officially has begun, Browns coach Eric Mangini said at the NFL owners meetings this morning.

While the prospect of trading one still exists, Mangini said he met with both quarterbacks prior to coming here and explained they will have an open competition for the starting job in 2009.

"I talked to both of them about that and was very clear," Mangini said. "I said if they have any questions they can come and see me. In terms of the competition and their opportunities. That's what I told them. They understand that."

Mangini said after reviewing tapes of both players, holding conversations with them and talking to others, he is "excited" about the prospect of having both compete for the job.

And whoever wins said competition will get to throw the ball to... well, no one:

The report debunks rumors that the Browns had talked about trading Edwards for Giants defensive end Mathias Kiwanuka. Instead, the Giants reportedly offered Cleveland the two draft picks they received from the Saints last year in exchange for tight end Jeremy Shockey: a second and fifth.

As much as I want draft picks (and I do) I'm not sure I'm cool with the Browns losing Edwards, Winslow and Joey J all in the same offseason.

And honestly, I really hope that this open competition talk is just a smoke screen. The Browns can't go into this season with both QBs on the roster, can they? Maybe things will shake out during/after the draft. But I can't imagine going through another 16 game season with both Brady and DA on the squad.

I mean, shouldn't the Browns be in discussion for Jay Cutler? Here's a guy who's proven that he's a bona fide NFL QB (throwing for over 3,000 yards the past two season) and the Browns are sitting here with two Question Marks. Isn't Jay Cutler what we hope Brady or DA turn into? Dear lord, if Brady Quinn threw for over 4,000 yards in a season, Browns fans would already have a statue in the works.

I both love and hate this franchise.


Erik said...

The Browns are going to have two QBs, zero receivers if Braylon is traded (and I think he will be) and maybe Brett Favre as a consultant if he takes Mangini up on his invitation to work Browns camp next summer.

Browns 2009 slogan: "What. The. Fuck."

Ben said...

If they bring the Favre circus here, I'm gonna be pissed beyond all reason. I swear to Christ...

and ya, I think Edwards is out the door too. I don't really blame 'em, but at the same time, what the fuck are they doing?

graham said...

I don't really blame Mangini for having a competition, after all he didn't pick either of these guys so you cant expect him to really like one or the other. Its just to bad we traded all those picks only to bring in a new regime.

The only reason that I think a competition doesn't make sense is due to the fact that the Browns fanbase LOATHES Anderson. Even if DA won the job outright, he will be booed mercilessly.

Erik said...


That's probably the biggest drawback to an all-on regime change. Another GM and coach have to find out for themselves that DA can't throw the underneath ball and wets the bed in pressure situations.

If BQ outperforms DA in training camp and the preseason, this might all be a moot point. But now we have to endure another protracted QB competition while ManKok slowly realizes that DA has a million dollar arm and a five cent head.

The fans could tell ManKok that right now, but they're going to have to reinvent the wheel to come to their own foregone conclusion.

Graham said...

Well, I have little different view on DA in Cleveland I guess. Basically, I believe he could be a pretty good QB elsewhere in a city where the fanbase would get behind.

He's admittedly a pretty fragile guy it seems (at least not as tough as you need to be), and the Browns fans constant haggling over every mistake really hurt him. If he could play in a place where he doesn't have to look over his shoulder after every snap and hear incessant booing, he might be able to progress.

The guy had one of the best seasons ever for a Browns QB, and yet fans wanted to see a Notre Dame kid who can't throw a twenty yard out. Its DA's fault for not being mentally strong enough, but I firmly believe the fans behavior was bizarre - not unexpected in Cleveland.

At any rate, he'll never be liked here so I don't really think he'll be a starter here. But I also wouldn't cry if Quinn is dealt. As Ben said, Cutler in Cleveland would be great.

Ben said...

Graham - I agree with you about DA, to a certain point.

But I don't think it's unreasonable for a fanbase to want to see the first round QB get some snaps. Brady is the Golden Boy. He's a first round pick, who the Browns traded more picks just to draft.

I don't think it's all that surprising that the fanbase (especially this one) wants to see The Franchise play. Especially considering DA doesn't see linebackers that well.

If DA wins the job, more power to him. But the Browns should immediately trade Quinn if that's the case. I think you could live with Quinn as the starter with DA as the backup, but I don't see how you can throw Anderson out there with the Hometown Hero holding a clipboard

Graham said...

Totally agree Ben. Quinn probably should have gotten more burn last year once it was obvious what DA was and DA should not play if Quinn is still here. It just doesnt seem tenable. I didn't like how the fans treated DA heading into last season, but thats all moot now b/c its obvious he and the fans cant handle him playing in Cleveland at this point.

I think its best for all involved that Quinn wins the job, because its going to be a clusterf*ck in more ways than one otherwise.

Anonymous said...

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