Thursday, April 09, 2009

9, 8, and 12

Well, this season has started off swimmingly. The Tribe put a guy on the DL before the first game and then proceeded to not only get swept, but gave up at least 8 runs in all three contests.


The home opener is tomorrow. I'd love to play hooky (hookie?) but no dice. More work.

(also, nice win by the Cavs. Nice to see LeBron be able to sit the entire fourth quarter. That's a good sign. I also liked the actively of both Delonte and Anderson were. They'll need both those two playing at a high level if they hope to hoist any trophies in the near future).

Also also, thank Jeebus the playoffs are coming up. I'm growing sicker and sicker of Austin Carr. And the fact that every casual Cavs fans loves the guys just kills me. I love Austin Carr the person/player, but the broadcaster? Gag me. I thought he was great as a studio host with Jeff Phelps. Repeating catch phrases at every single opportunity is no way to go through life. And Fred McLeod, you aren't helping him by egging him on ("what'd he do there Austin?" "Oh, yea, he got him a biiiiiiiiird"). Ugh.

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