Wednesday, April 01, 2009


This is kinda lame:

It's a site run by the Cavaliers, not a fan site (kinda like CavsFanatic- which is sorta similar to RCF, no?), which makes it 1,000x less clever/cute. (Also, I've been doing the dry "LeBron James is good at basketball" shit for years. Just sayin').

Look, I get that the organization wants to support its players. And that's good (and encouraged) but they sometimes go a bit over the top (like with the Mo Williams all-star snub) and it begins to take away from the team.

Seriously, this team is crazy good. They're one of a handful of teams that has a real chance of winning the title. All the individual awards are cool and it would be nice to have.... but I dunno about you, but if LeBron wins MVP, Mike Brown gets coach of year, Ferry nets GM of the year and Wally Szczerbiak wins the Derek Zoolander lookalike contest without the Cavs, you know, WINNING THE FREAKING NBA TITLE, none of this matters. It's all kinda neat, but the title is the key.

You want respect? Go earn it. Stop whining about snubs and publicly pushing LeBron for MVP. (FYI- he's gonna win it anways). If they keep winning, the awards will follow. Just keep winning.


Mike said...
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Mike said...

Yeah, I got pissed when I wento to Facebook the link, and it was coming up some thing. I want that URL in my link! I was like, I'm not linking an thing, if this is from them it doesn't make my page.

Then I searched the URL and found you!

Erik said...

The site is definitely overkill. LBJ is the favorite in the MVP race. Any national NBA columnist who knows what they're talking about has basically annointed LBJ the MVP already, based on the play of both he and the Cavs over the past month.

D-Wade needs honking like this.
Not LeBron. Not this year. Maybe we're all so used to feeling like the underdog here in Cleveland, we think we always need to "sell" the nation on the greatness of LBJ. We don't.

Kobe will certainly get some votes, maybe even Wade, but I don't think it will be anywhere close to enough to upset LBJ in the MVP race.

Ben said...

It's simply not necessary. He's not a Heisman hopeful from a non-traditional power school. He's LeBron fucking James. At this point we have ESPN columnists basically inventing new stats just to prove how good of a season he's actually having.

All the Wade arguments are simply for show. They're being contrarian or just giving Wade his due. (However, if Wade wins bc he doesn't have the teammates LeBron has, then LBJ should be given the last 3 MVP's retroactively).

It's the Year of LeBron.

Graham said...

Its definitely lame if they're trying to just get more votes for LeBron, but if the marketing department feels the Cavs will end up with more publicity and/or more hits on their websites then I'm cool with it, which is why I'm guessing the broader reason why they created it.

It is pretty corny though.

Geoffrey said...

Stop worrying about Wade. This is Lebron's MVP. JA Adande said it best in his espn chat: "the MVP isn't Lebron's to lose, its just Lebron's".

Wade isn't going to win because as great as he has been (arguably just as good as Lebron), his team won't even win 50 games, and probably not even 45, and the Cavs have won 60+.

Don't get caught up with the MVP "discussion". Though it is probably a toss-up of who is "better" between Kobe, Lebron and Wade, the MVP this year is going to Lebron. Period.

Anonymous said...

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