Monday, April 27, 2009

Exactly what I wanted to see

(had some tivo issues and I worked through the game. BTW - this is moving week, so expect even lighter than usual posting. Also, cable/net doesn't get turned on til the 7th).

This is what we wanted to see from the Cavaliers: James was dominating, the Cavs were focused and they beat an inferior team with little to no trouble. Cleveland didn't give away any games, they didn't take any nights off and they played hard throughout. Exactly what you want to see from your top seed. James averaged a ridiculous 32 points, 11 boards and 7.5 assists in the four game sweep. Wow.

The defense was fantastic. Detroit's highest point total was 84 and they didn't break 80 in either game at the Palace. They got a solid series from both Delonte West and Mo Williams (Delonte did a great job guarding Rip Hamilton) and they got nice contributions from the bench (particularly Joe Smith).

So now they have some days off. How many, we're not quite sure. I'm hoping that the Hawks-Heat series goes the full seven (Miami leads 2-1 w/Game 4 in Miami tonight). I'm not really worried about either team but it'd be nice to make Wade have to carry the Heat for a full seven games. (Plus, the longer they rest, the less I personally have to worry about missing games and what not). I'm not worried about them having a long rest. It's a long season and they have every reason to expect it to go on for quite bit. And while this isn't a really old team, their big men aren't young. Getting Ben Wallace and Zydrunas some extra rest is only going to help.

Anyways, it's a good start to the playoffs. The Cavs look ready and determined to win their first NBA Title. James is playing at a high level, the defense looks locked in and no one got too bruised up.

The biggest problem we have is that since the Cavs won't play for a bit, Cleveland fans are stuck watching this ugly Tribe season. Ugh.


Graham said...

LeBron James. Whoa.

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Ben said...

hey look, spam!

just got internet and tivo. had some issues with HD recorder, but we're all good. should start back up with a regular schedule this upcoming week. should be around for Saturday's game.

thanks for the patience.

(also, star trek gets a B+/A-. there is some cheese, but overall quite enjoyable)

dave . . . said...

however, not seeing any entries on here from the first 2 games of the atlanta series is not what i wanted to see. look, i realize that life sometimes gets in the way, but "random thoughts" need to be a little more on schedule, don't you think??? hee-hee!!!

natasha said...

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Ben said...

Dave- here's the thing, if i don't see it, i'm not gonna bullshit my way through it (i'd rather have the site not updated than post something halfassed).

There's been no internet or tv at my place for a week, which makes things difficult. but i'm all good now.