Sunday, January 30, 2005

Michael Redd

If you're a Cavalier fan and you've been following the team at all, you know how much they're lacking in 3 point shooting. Our starting shooting guard, Ira Newble, can't shoot and though I like the back up, Lucious Harris, he's had an off year. The team still needs some work and this is a huge offseason coming up, another Boozer-gate and we'll risk losing James. Heres my best case scenario for this offseason: listen to James and resign Z. Resign J-Mac and then sign Michael Redd.

Redd would be a perfect fit for this team, he's young, he's from Ohio and oh yea, he shoots the ball pretty damn well. Having a starting five of McInnis, Redd, James, Gooden and Z wouldn't be too bad. Have Snow, Jackson/Wagner/Sasha, Tractor/Varejao and Harris/Newble coming off the bench, that'd be a team that would win the East. Redd would get tons of open shots (all the ones Newble misses) from the doubles James and Z draw (Z's been making some nice passes lately, he finally starting to trust his teammates- Thanks Ricky Davis).

But for now, we still got Newble.

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