Saturday, January 29, 2005

Dan Marino

Saw an interesting story today from the AP (through about Dan Marino regrets on never winning a superbowl.

Marino has been in the news recently, mostly about never winning a Super Bowl. Is he a great quarterback even though he didn't win one? yea. But is his career diminished (as is Sanders, Bonds, Griffey Jr, Barkley, Malone and Stockton, Ewing, Manning)? yea. But they are still great players.

Do I think Tom Brady is a damn good qb? hell yes, but would I rather have Manning than Brady? possibly. You tell me if the Colts traded Manning straight up for Brady, that the Colts would now be beating Pats? Or what if late in Marino's career the Dolphins drafted Terrell Davis instead of the Broncos? Does John Elway go down as never winning the Big One and Marino goes out on top?

Bill Simmons (The Sports Guy) can sometimes come off as anti-Manning (he is a Pats fan) and his argument is basically, championships are the barometer to measure players, and the guy with more titles is better.

And he's right, "You play to win the game" and I do think we sometimes overrate stats, *cough* A-Rod. But Marino is still a great QB (as is Manning) would you honestly take Trent Dilfer over Marino, because Marino never won the big one? Or how about Luc Lonley over Patrick Ewing? Rick Fox over Charles Barkley?

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