Thursday, October 12, 2006

Wham with the right hand!

Joe Tait's contract has been extended thru 08-09:

Legendary Cavs radio play-by-play man Joe Tait has had his contract extended two seasons.

Tait, in his 35th season as the voice of the team, previously hinted he might retire when his current deal expired at the end of this season. But the team's upswing has led him to reconsider.

I think we can all agree that this is a good thing. Joe Tait is one of the best in the business and there is no one I'd rather listen to. Tait gives you so much information ("Kerr brings the over the time line into the fore court on the right wing"). You always know where the ball is and how the play in unfolding. Seriously, have you listened to the national (ESPN, Fox Sports) radio announcers? Oh, they'll tell ya who has the ball and who they're passing to. But rarely do they tell you where the ball is on the floor; they don't paint the picture that Tait does.

I know a lot of people loved Michael Reghi, and I didn't not like him. But whenever I got the chance, I'd turn down the TV and turn on Tait. It's not even close. Try it sometime, you won't regret it.


Hornless Rhino said...

Sound down and radio on is the only way to watch the Cavs.

Anonymous said...

If Tait isn't in the basketball hall of fame someday, it will only be becuase he didn't call games for a big-market team.

Hopefully this extension will allow Tait to finally call some NBA Finals games. I can't believe an announcer as good and long-standing as he has never called an NBA Finals game.

I guess those are the pitfalls of being associated with the pre-LeBron Cavs in all their assorted, mostly-hideous incarnations.

Anonymous said...

And the fact that Ted Stepien was the man who drove Tait out of town for two seasons qualifies him as the worst owner in Cleveland sports history.

Yes, worse than Art Modell.

Ben said...

I'm with ya on Ted, I can't imagine turning on a Cavaliers game and not hearing Tait.

And for all of Models faults, the NFL never had to make new rules because of him. I'm pretty sure the reason why teams can't trade their first round picks consecutive years in a row is because of Ted.

Tait deserves to be in the basketball hall of fame and the broadcasting call of fame and any other hall of fame I can think of.

pojo said...

I have never listened to another when listening to the Cavs...from the Miracle at today...

I'm just sorry they didn't give him a lifetime deal.

Tait is the best in the game today!