Saturday, December 01, 2007

Hawaii vs Ohio State

One loss Ohio State baby! You wanna say they had an easy schedule? That the Big Ten was weak? OK. I'm sympathetic to all of that.

But ya know what? This is why you need a playoff system. This is what we have. Ohio State backs in? I'm not gonna lie, I'll take it.

Now... the other team?

Does #7 LSU jump to 2? Does Georgia or Kansas get in, despite not winning their own conference? Is everything OK because "we're talking about college football"? Is "the entire regular season is a playoff" if we're arguing over title game participants at this point? I know I'm going on a limb here, but the BCS sucks.

Playoffs. Please.


Anonymous said...

No matter what anyone's argument may be, Ohio State deserves to go just as much, if not more, than any other team.

If this year doesn't demonstrate how ridiculous the current system is, I'm not sure what will. What may be working in the favor of the playoffs is that not only there be many (and just) arguments for the second team in title, so many in the media despise the thought of Ohio State going back to the title game. Seriously, so many internet pundits (meaning ESPN's quasi-journalists)/radio jocks/TV personalities/newspaper columnists can't stand OSU.

Their is entirely off the mark in their assessment of OSU, but if it means an outcry for true playoff, it may not be such a bad thing.

Ben said...

I'd definitely sacrifice OSU's chances this year for an actual playoff system...

Anonymous said...

No matter who they play now, that won't win.

Anonymous said...

Michigan State will win NCAA Basketball tourney. They are awesome! And GO STEELERS!

Anonymous said...

Is anyone else a bit nervous about playing another SEC school in the title game? If Ohio State loses this one, Ohioans everywhere will never live it down. I'll never be able to wear Ohio State gear in SEC country again.

Three championship game losses to the same conference in one 12-month span is more than any school should have to endure. The Buckeyes really need to win this time.

Ben said...

The thing is, I don't think OSU is really all that good this year. Wasn't this supposed to be their rebuilding year? I didn't expect them to have to compete with the LSU's of the world this season.

I figured they're young, they'd have a few losses and that best case scenario would be a lower BCS bowl. Things turned out better than I could've imagined but I'm not sure if its because the team is better than I'd thought or if things just broke their way.

Truth be told, I am worried that a bad performance in this game could have an adverse effect on next year's Ohio State team, which I think will be better (and is returning a lot of starters). Nevermind what a bad loss could do to the Big Ten's reputation.

And if people - pundits, fans, nonOhioans- are sick of Ohio State, well, I can't exactly blame 'em. But it seems like they want OSU to apologize for getting this far. All these kids did was go out there, compete while losing just once- it's not their fault the Big Ten was down or that they don't have a conference title game. They simply won (most) of the games they played.

This (obviously) is a big game. But a bad loss (after last year's debacle) could really hurt Ohio State's (and the Big Ten's) future prospects.

Anonymous said...

LSU isn't Florida. They don't have the offensive weapons Florida did. I also think our offensive line will be able to handle LSU's defense much better than they did Florida.

The big question mark for me is how will Todd Boeckmann play. Can he handle the LSU D? Can he handle the pressure of a big game on the road? That's what really concerns me.

Also, I don't care what anyone says, the 2006 OSU team thought they had that game in the bag before they took the field. They were incredibly unprepared to play and it showed. I don't know if OSU will win, but I'm guessing that won't happen again.

Anonymous said...

This game hopefully puts Todd in position to pull a Krenzel and just do enough to not lose. Our offensive gameplan should be Beanie left, Beanie right, and Beanie up the middle. I would be surprised if Boeckman throws more than 25 times this game. LSUs strong point is their secondary, and if Glen Dorsey is still hurt, we have to pound the ball as much as possible. GO BUCKS

Anonymous said...

Part of me would actually like to see Dorsey play. I want to know if there is a D-lineman out there that's worth trading Derek Anderson for to move into the first round.

The only real possibilities are Doresey or Ellis from USC.