Sunday, December 09, 2007

Quick Thought or Two

If Josh Cribbs is going to be taking those kind of hits on offense... let's keep him on special teams

Brandon McDonald > Daven Holly

The Cleveland receivers make Derek Anderson look good

More Jerome Harrison please


Anonymous said...

DA has so much room for improvement, it's insane.

No matter what Savage says about the Browns having great options at QB (which they do), I don't envy him one bit. That decision will be the most important in the Brown's franchise in a long time.

Good win for the Brownies. It may have been ugly, but they're in the driver's seat for the last wild card spot.

Anonymous said...

See what happens when Jerome Harrison gets the ball? Ive been clammering for this guy to see more time and hopefully Romeo has taken notice to his ability. He was a stud at Wazzu and now that he has added size without sacrificing speed, its going to translate into results. As for DA, I think his performance is two fold: he is surrounded by good receivers but has made some throws that make you go WOW. The problem with that is Rex Grossman has done the same thing. I would hate to think of what DAs #s would be if he didnt have K2 or Braylon going way up to snag some of those passes. Enough about offense, now about that D. Aside from the last few minutes, Grantham called a great game. He has been releaseing the safties and corners more to bliz and yesterday it was the sole reason for Brandon McDonalds pick (that and Brandon had him covered like Geiko, man this kid is going to be something). Overall, I am happy with their performance given the circumstances (bad weather, on the road, high pressure to make the playoffs) LETS GO BROWNIES

Ben said...

I don't want to be too picky with DA, simply because the Browns are 8-5 and no one had any right to expect that they'd be in this position.

But... maybe I'm being this critical because I know that Brady Quinn is on the sidelines... I dunno. Its just that a lot of these plays are being made by the receivers (like Braylon's touchdown) and not by the QB.

Right now, I'm kinda hoping the Browns don't need that Week 17 game at home against San Fran, so maybe we can see some of Brady this season (and they'd have to play him right? They can't go into next offseason without Quinn get any game time... right?). If Quinn comes in and plays well (or really well) against the Niners, it could make the offseason even more confusing.

Also, I've said it before and I'll say it again, but Tim Couch must be pissed off watching this team. "Really, a first round LT AND a first round receiver and tight end? And you signed a pro-bowl caliber left guard? Fantastic."

Anonymous said...

Spot-on with regard to Cribbs. He runs like a QB, straight up and down.

It helps him see the field better, but man is he a sitting duck for vicious hits and takedowns. How many times has he been horse-collared this year? (Not how many times has it been called, how many times has it actually happened?)

This is something our sometimes-oblivious coaching staff has to correct. They have to get Cribbs to tuck under, lower his center of gravity and run like a running back, not a marathoner crossing Mile 23.

If they don't, Cribbs is leaving himself open for a serious neck/spinal injury. It would be devastating for the entire organization to have their own Kevin Everett situation on their hands.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see Quinn as well. The problem is that putting Quinn in there would lead to a lot of speculation from the media/fans. Of course, they're not gonna bench DA, but Quinn getting time would revive the QB controversy that is looming next year.

I'm not sure that's a good thing for a team heading into the playoffs. But even more, I'd be concerned Quinn getting on the field would get into DA's head. Maybe it's just me, but he seems a little "mentally fragile" in that dept.

On the other hand, it would be nice if your backup QB had some experience heading into the playoffs.