Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Dear Coach Brown

more Gibson please:

Perhaps the sample is too small to be meaningful, but the stats suggest that rookie Daniel Gibson is helping the Cavs when he's on the floor. He has played in only seven of the team's 17 games and 82 minutes overall, but he has the highest plus/minus ranking of anyone on the team. That means the Cavs have outscored their opponents by the largest rate when Gibson, who is averaging 4.7 points, is on the floor.

Conversely, fellow rookie Shannon Brown, who has started the past four games in place of Hughes, has the worst plus/minus rating of any of the Cavs' regulars.

Of course, it is still early.

Hopefully, they can cut Snow's minutes (however, he's been playing great lately, but he's gonna start no matter what, deal with it) and never play David Wesley again.

I'd like to point out that Gibson hasn't really been playing the point so far. He's basically been a spot up shooter while Snow and Jones brought the ball up. Granted, he's been great at it, but he's not running the show yet.

You'd like to see him become the back up point by the end of the year. And for that to happen, he'll need more playing time now.

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