Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Iverson to Denver

For Andre Miller, Joe Smith and two first rounders

(This was the best Philly could hope for. I got sick of those Miami rumors. There was no way he would go there; Philly would only get expiring contracts in return. Don't get me wrong, getting some money off the books is nice, but you don't trade a Hall of Famer for cap relief. I was annoyed that people thought Miami even had a shot).


LargeBill said...

Robbery! Philly had fired him from their team and they were still be able to get two 1st round picks for him. Nuggetts will be tore apart by this selfish thug.

Ben said...

I think the Nuggets will be fine for at least this season. Iverso and 'Melo should be alright, it's the guys like Boykins and Smith who are going to feel the pinch

Erik said...

How on Earth are there going to be enough touches to go around? Iverson hogs the ball, Melo hogs the ball, both can't lead the league in scoring. Both can't lead the Nuggets in scoring.

The Nuggets just gave George Karl a more unsolvable riddle than "How is Isiah Thomas still an NBA head coach?"