Tuesday, December 05, 2006

NFL ReDraft

If NFL teams knew then what they know now, how would they draft?

Apparently, the Browns would do something stupid:

Cleveland Browns
NICK MANGOLD , C, Ohio State
Original pick: Kamerion Wimbley, DE, Florida State
How many centers did the Browns go through this year after top shelf free-agent LeCharles Bentley went down in the first practice of training camp? Six? Sixteen? That would have made Mangold a perfect fit as a need pick.
Now, in this scenario, does Bentley still get hurt? Cause the Browns would've signed an All-Pro center, then used a 1st round draft pick on a center? And even if LeCharles does get hurt, it's still dumb.

You probably think I'm nuts; I keep yelling for the Browns to draft linemen and now I rip SI for suggesting the Brown draft a lineman. But even though Bentley went down, you don't draft a center in the first round.

Once 2007 rolls around, they're paying 2 centers big money. Do you then move Bentley to guard?

Why am I asking rhetorical questions about a revisionist scenario? Anyone?


LargeBill said...

Your point is valid for next draft as well. O-linemen drafted in the first dozen or so players rarely pan out. The are decent linemen in this draft but none that are of such a caliber that you take them 6th (or where ever we draft). Only a LT like Ogden would be worth drafting that high. O-linemen frequently take a couple years to develop so I have said for years that we should trade down and get extra picks in the second or third round. With the salary cap in mind it is even more important not to pick in the front end of the first round.

Ben said...

If the Browns are at 5 or 6, I would draft a tackle then (if warranted).

They have so many holes, if they are drafting really high, I'd like to see them trade down for multiple picks.

Benjamin Warburton said...

I think Joe Thomas from Wisconsin and Jake Long qualify as guys we should seriously consider taking in the first round. Our secondary has really come around, except for that pittsburgh debacle and our position players are covered. Thomas's only downsize is that he had knee surgury after that ugly injury against Auburn last year. Aside from that, hes athletic and has great size. The same can be said for Long, who is a little bit more polished than Thomas since he hasnt been injured. Based on projections, I wouldnt mind trading down to get another 1st round pick so long as one of these guys would still be available. That or spend a lot of money on Max Starks from Pittsburgh or Eric Steinbach from Cincinnati. Both would fill in nice on the left side of our line.