Thursday, December 14, 2006


From Mark Stein:
A reversal on Smith would certainly enhance the Nuggets' chances. But the bigger variable is whether the Nuggets and/or Sixers can find a third team to take on Nene's new $60 million deal, after the Brazilian missed all but one game last season with a knee ligament tear. The Sixers, as you can imagine, absolutely will not absorb that contract.
How is this even possible? Everyone knew when Nene signed that deal that it was a horrible contract. And, what, six months later Denver is already trying to unload him? I hope to God no one takes on that contract, Denver should have to live with that deal. What the hell were they thinking?


JDW said...

I don't know, but if Nene can be unloaded then maybe there's hope for Z and Hughes.

Ben said...

Hell, I figure if Jim Freaking Paxson could unload Shawn Kemp, then anything is possible

Erik said...

Bill Simmons trashes Danny Ferry for screwing the Cavs "for the decade." Yet the two most expensive current contracts on the team -- Z and Hughes -- are both at least paying for starters.

The Nuggets, meanwhile, are collapsing under the weight of huge contracts dished out to Nene, Kenyon Martin and Reggie Evans, who all play the SAME FREAKING POSITION. No one at ESPN has given them shit, until now.

No one seems to wonder if Carmelo is going to be happy playing in Denver in three years. Everybody wonders what LeBron is going to do, however.

Why is that? The Cavs don't have the perfect organization, but give me them over the Nuggets anyday. I'd think the odds of Melo demanding a trade are far greater than that of LeBron, once Melo realizes just how badly the Nuggets have screwed themselves with bad contracts.

I'm with you on Nene. The Nuggets should be forced to swallow that contract whole.