Saturday, January 20, 2007

Bill Livingston realizes that Fred McLeod is a stooge

About time someone else mentioned it:
Dan Gilbert, the Cavaliers owner, didn't start the trend to poppycock in televised sports, he just accelerated it when he hired Fred McLeod, the biggest "homer" since the steroid era in baseball.
Wow... that is a terrible pun. And people wonder why I bash the Plain Dealer (wait, no they don't)
When Williams termed "silly" Sasha Pavlovic's foul of a Seattle player shooting a twisting, fadeaway jumper, McLeod said, "He's only 23." Williams, who probably heard Dean Smith say: "Don't foul a jump shooter" at freshman orientation at North Carolina, said, "He's got to know better."

The one comment taken here as being creative was when McLeod called a James slam a "Fathead dunk." I liked it because "Fathead" posters are bigger than life. They also are a Gilbert enterprise. The broadcaster had hit a grand slam in shilling.

There is no one else like McLeod in Cleveland play-by-play. The message is: Don't go by what you see. Go by what the Cavs tell you. It's an insult.
I'm glad someone is calling them on that inane 'fathead' line. That has to end. It doesn't really even make sense, it's just McLeod throwing Gilbert's company name out there during a play call.


Erik said...

If Fathead is a Dan Gilbert company, why don't we ever see any Cavs plugging them in their commercials?

I, for one, am sick of seeing Chad Johnson and Ben Roethlisberger plug Fathead.

Dang it, I want to see a Fathead of Damon Jones doing his "turn on the faucet" gesture. Or Braylon Edwards (ball not included). I want to see some real fatheads on Fathead commercials.

Ben said...

Screw Jones and Edwards, I want a 12 foot Zydrunas 'fathead' poster. It would be even better if the shot was of Z doing his awesome hook shot.

The commercials alone would be worth it.