Friday, January 26, 2007

Don Banks Mock Draft

Hey, he actually has the Browns taking a lineman (Peter King's early early early mock draft had them taking Ted Ginn Jr. (WTF?)):
3. # OT Joe Thomas Wisconsin SR. 6-8 315

The Browns and Bucs coin flip at the NFL Combine for the No. 3 and 4 spots could be huge. For now, we'll give the Browns Thomas, this year's premier offensive lineman. Cleveland's OL had trouble from day one of training camp in 2006.

"Cleveland's OL had trouble from day one of training camp in 2006 1999."


LargeBill said...

Peter King is nuts. Only way we end up with Ginn is if we trade down out of the top ten. Ginn is likely to be drafted between 15 and 25.

Anonymous said...

Just shows how dumb Peter King is

KykMasterFlex (BW) said...

If we draft Ginn it only reinforces my mantra that god hates Cleveland and all of you should be die hard Blue Jackets fans because hockey is better than the NFL. Went to the Wild-CBJ game on Saturday and it was absolutely insane. If only people outside of Columbus knew how crazy a blood-oath hockey fan base can be. If this team somehow makes the playoffs, it will be like tOSU going to the national championship (this is a little unfair to CBJ because people all over the U.S. come to see the Bucks) Dont believe me? Meet me in Columbus around the 15th of April for the 1st playoff game ever played in Nationwide Arena. It will make you a fan. Go Bucks/Browns/Tribe/Cavs/CBJ!! (browns might be removed from this list if we draft Ginn. yes, almost a decade of bad management will make me what i despise, a fairweather fan. How do Arizona Cardinal fans put up with it?) Hope all is well in Hudson. Hows church league ball going?

Amorina said...

Thanks for writing this.