Thursday, January 04, 2007

Random Thoughts from the... um... last two weeks maybe?

haven't done one of these in awhile...

1. Please stop the comparisons to the OSU-Miami game of 2003.

2. Yes, it's easy comparison to do. Look, that OSU team had a second year head coach, they barely won their games and they were the underdog. It's like a mirror!! But a few things: A) OSU won all their games. Florida did not. B) OSU didn't commit turnovers. Sure, the offense was historically bad, but they didn't give the ball away. Chris Leak does. C) Florida is facing a team coached by Jim Tressel, which is a little different than facing a team coached by Larry Coker. Tressel's guys are going to be prepared and focused.

3. You get it? Old people live in Florida (I hate the Plain Dealer)

4. Notre Dame sucks ass. Charlie Weiss is so overrated it's unbelievable.

5. Not that I'm saying Weiss is a bad coach. He's not. But he was crowned by the media after moving from the NFL, when he hadn't won a thing. He may turn out fine there. But so far, not yet.

6. If Ohio State beats Florida, Boise State should end the season being ranked number 2. If you're not going to have a playoff and we're supposed to believe the OSUs and USCs are in the save 'division' as the Boise States, then when a team goes undefeated AND wins a BCS (over a power school no less) you have to reward that team. In a perfect world, Boise State would get to play OSU. No other sport goes through this. Fix it.

7. I need to know when that Fiesta Bowl is going to be replayed on ESPN Classic, though I may suck it up and buy it on iTunes. In fact, that wouldn't be a bad way to spend the flight to Arizona.

8. That's right, Arizona, I'm gonna be out there the 5th through the 12th. We'll be tailgating the National Championship game and I'm sure at some point I'll relay my thoughts on that as well as the game.

9. I'll also be out at the Cavs-Suns game on the 11th. That should be neat (and by neat I mean they're going to get killed).

10. Awkward...

11. So Entertainment Weekly named Studio 60 as the Worst Show of 2006. This is why studios don't take risks and we get shows like 20 Good Years. Try to be ambitious at all and you get ripped. Check out those five shows on that list. Not one word about the aforementioned 20 Good Years or Flavor of Luv (or all those damn game shows. Bob Saget? Really?). Studio 60 hasn't been perfect, but it far from the worst show on TV (that Christmas episode was damn good television).

12. Speaking of TV, Venture Bros season two comes out April 17th. Now that is one of the best shows on TV.

13. I, for one, am shocked.

14. I love this song and video.

15. So the Browns ruined my prediction and lost their last two games. I had figured they'd win one of those last two just to screw up their draft position. But now they'll have either the 3rd or 4th pick, which is right where is about the area they deserve to be picking.

16. So Brady Quinn wants to be a Brown. Of all this reasons not to pick Quinn (and there are many), I think this is the best one. He must have some kind of mental problem... wanting to be behind that line...

17. I mean, honestly, what kind of person wants to play quarterback for the Browns

18. If the Browns get the third pick, it means they have a shot at either Quinn, Adrian Peterson or Joe Thomas (or even Calvin Johnson and JaMarcus Russell). If the guy(s) they really want are gone, they should be able to find someone willing to trade up for one of the big names left.

19. If the Browns take Brady Quinn... I'll not be happy. However, if they draft Quinn and then use the rest of their picks on linemen (or at least a second rounder on a lineman) I'll be less angry.

20. Now if they go Quinn-Linebacker-Cornerback I'll be pissed. Fix the line.

21. Terry Pluto isn't sure what to do with Romeo. I'm not sure anyone is sure.

22. Please, no Bill Cowher, he'll just be collecting a pay check. I can't imagine being focussed enough to coach here long term.

23. And dear lord, please no Jim Tressel. No one needs this.

24. Ohio has one sports team that does well consistently, let's not screw it up.

25. Nick Saban can never coach in the NFL after this. He'll need to be 'Bama's coach for awhile.

26. Alabama is not a good job for any number of reasons:
a) He has to recruit all over the South against the three Florida schools, LSU, Arkansas, Auburn, Georgia, Tennessee and oh yeah Spurrier at South Carolina and Butch Davis at North Carolina. Enjoy that.
b) His fans think they need to be Ohio State and USC. You know, a top 5 program every year. Enjoy.
c) Alabama is past it's prime, no one really cares about them anymore. They are the Cleveland Browns of college football. Great back in the day, passionate fans and a strong history, but nothing special recently.
d) he has to live in Alabama

27. Also, enjoy recruiting in Florida after ditching the Dolphins.

28. Tribe signs another bullpen arm with an injury history. I know it's Keith Foulke and that, when healthy, he's pretty good. Forgive me for not getting that excited, this is still a risk (well, the signing isn't really a risk, but relying on him is).

29. Mark Mulder? I'm not against it, as long as the contract isn't obscene (and they don't pin their season on him). Would that free up the pitching staff for a trade? I'm down for trading Westbrook or Byrd... though that's a lot of lefties in the rotation.

30. I'm with Simmons on this McGwire thing. McGwire never broke (or got caught breaking) any rules while he played and he was the best of his era. Don't put him for his overall numbers versus history, put him in for his numbers versus his steroid using peers.

31. Here's my thing: you either have to vote Big Mac, Sosa and Bonds in or you blackball the entire era. No one gets in, we can't be sure who cheated, so the whole era gets tossed out (personally, this is dumb, but at least makes sense). Not voting for certain players without any proof of cheating is just stupid. Lord knows who was cheating and who wasn't; we can't know (I swear to God Brett Boone was. The guy got huge and starting driving in 140 runs. No one talks about this).

32. Speaking of Hall of Fame voting, I hate Scott Brosius.

33. Pat Robertson is a douche bag.

34. This Saddam hanging was ridiculous. Hey look, a grainy video of guys wearing hoods shouting shit and killing a guy. How is that different than any of those insurgent videos? This is an official hanging? Even this gets screwed up.

35. I mean, this doesn't look good. And it gets worse. And worse. And worse.

36. This sickens me.

37. Alright, enough world events, happy birthday LeBron.

38. The Decemberists were on Colbert Report a little while and it was a delight. Sure it was over the top and self indulgent. I mean, Elliot Spitzer? Henry Kissenger? The whole show was basically "look what I can do". That being said, it kicked total ass. Here's a Colbert interview.

39. Someone doesn't like Mike Brown. I say it's way to early to even begin thinking about firing Brown. Give him two whole years and then let him start next year. If the offense still stalls at points around this time next year, fire him. But right now it's waaaaaay too early.

40. Ross Verba got arrested. Man, I hate that guy. So much.

41. Pluto liked that win over the Spurs. It was pretty neat.

42. Part of me feels like we're complaining a bit too much about the Cavs and Mike Brown. They are only a half game out of first place in the East and they are improving. THEY JUST SWEPT THE SPURS!!!

43. At the same time... they lose to teams they have no business losing to. That's what's so maddening about the team; they've showed us that they can beat good teams. Now beat the bad ones.

44. Z has played great these past few weeks. G-R-E-A-T. If he has a good West coast trip and continues his strong play... Las Vegas. All-Star game. Suck on it, I said it. All-Star.

45. No. Not three. No.

46. Andre Miller? Have I linked to this yet? Oh well.

47. Hooray for the internets

48. [insert something clever later on in order to reach 50]

49. I really have no idea how often I'll be online while in AZ. I'll have the laptop and I may post here and there (while my host is at work during the day I may be bored and posting too much), but I doubt there will be any Cavs recaps (not counting the Suns game). If anyone wants to guest blog and do some recaps on the blog, shoot me an email at Benny08302-AT-yahoo.

50. Once I'm back, be on the look out for some Cavalier videos or highlights. I got a TV card for Christmas and I'm starting to mess around with videos...


Bad Becks said...

I have to admit I gave up on Studio 60 after the first four episodes. Was it the worst on tv? Not at all.

Good luck in AZ! Tix were too expensive for me. I'm just gonna drink on the west side instead!

Erik said...

I just had a chilling thought last night: Jim Tressel, head coach, Pittsburgh Steelers.

Is it just me, or does that seem too perfectly diabolical?

If forces that evil align against the Buckeyes and Browns, I think I might just move to Canada and develop an interest in curling.

Ben said...

I think the Steelers are going to hire in house. Wizwhatshisname. I can't imagine Tressel bolting for Pittsburgh.