Monday, January 15, 2007

What's up with Larry Hughes?

Like many Cavs fans, I'm wondering what the deal is with Larry Hughes. Is he out long? Was resting him against the Clippers just precautionary? Is he going to miss more games?

I'm not sure anyone else knows either.

Brian Windhorst (ABJ) Cavs' Hughes Could be Out Hurt:
``Larry Hughes'' and ``precaution'' are being used again in sentences by the Cavaliers, which calls for another word commonly used in this space: ``reality.''

In reality, this is probably just the way it is going to be for the Cavs in Hughes' tenure. He's a quality player, one who has no doubt lifted the Cavs' play when he's been on the court during the past season and a half, but his body is simply fragile. He's going to break bones and tweak joints at a high rate, the results of a 6-foot-5, 180-pound guy playing in such a physically demanding game. His resume is chock full of these injuries.

Therefore, the Cavs simply have to be prepared for him to miss games at any time.

Now it is tendinitis in his left leg, just above his kneecap. Doctors who examined him in California believe Hughes agitated some tissue by putting undue strain on that leg since he sprained his right ankle in November. Hughes has been putting most of his weight on his left side when he lands. Several times when he's landed hard on his right ankle in recent games, he's come up briefly limping and wincing. He's still battling the ankle and might be for weeks to come.

Hughes said his left leg has been bothering him for about two weeks now. He's been getting treatment from the training staff, but it hadn't improved. He said it started ``to bite'' Thursday night in Phoenix and has gotten to the point where he has to rest. He will have had four days off when the Cavs play in Seattle on Tuesday, but it didn't sound like he was too optimistic about playing in that game.

Branson Wright (PD) Rest Easy, Hughes Expected Back:
The latest injury to Cavaliers guard Larry Hughes is not cause for major concern. Neither Hughes nor the team expects him out long.

"This is just precautionary," said Cavs coach Mike Brown. "We'll make sure he gets some rest and continue to rehab."

Hughes did not play Saturday against the Los Angeles Clippers due to left thigh tendinitis. This developed as Hughes favored his left leg coming back from a right-ankle sprain. Hughes missed 10 games due to the ankle sprain. This time he's listed as day-to-day.

"I'm hoping it's just a couple of days, and I hope [the pain] calms down," said Hughes, following the Cavs' victory over the Clippers. "I've been feeling this for two weeks. In previous games, it comes and goes, but it stayed against the Suns. I've been there [with this type of injury] before so I know what it takes to get rid of it."

Hughes plans to heal by resting, icing and stretching his quad. A healthy Hughes is vital on this all-important road trip. The Cavs already have won two of their first three games, and the four remaining (Seattle, Portland, Denver and Golden State) are winnable.

So there ya go. The tone of the articles are completely different. The Beacon article makes it seem like Hughes is going to be out for at least a little while and the Cavs should be preparing for life without Larry. The Plain Dealer acts like this is no biggie and Hughes will be back in no time; don't worry, with the four days off, Hughes will be fine.

My take? No one really knows. Hughes could be out awhile or just a game. The one thing I am sure of? Cavs fans are going to bitch about Danny Ferry not signing Michael Redd or Joe Johnson (never mind the fact that Redd recently got hurt dunking the ball).

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Anonymous said...

the Cavs MUST get rid of Larry Hughes. His shooting hurts the team and he doesn't play defense, doesn't rebound, doesn't pass, and doesn't play hard. He is a horrendous shooter but thats all he does. Larry Hughes is prone to injury but thats the only way he helps the team- by staying off the court.