Sunday, January 14, 2007

I'd do it

It seems that Penny Hardaway is healthy.
Hardaway is waiting for a team to decide it could use a veteran backup who can play three perimeter positions and who is healthy -- finally -- after microfracture surgery and the removal of a large bone spur.

He'll play for the veteran minimum.

He'll come off the bench. He'll do anything, if only he can play.

"I have two or three more years in me at a level where I can help," he says. "I don't want to be a star, playing 42 minutes a game. I want to be a role player. A happy role player."

Hardaway hasn't been happy for a long time -- six years, to be exact. That's how long he has struggled with injuries. Orlando finally cut him loose last February, just a couple days after trading for him in what was a blatant salary-cap dump. Didn't matter much anyway, because Hardaway wasn't going to help the Magic. He was still in too much pain and unable to handle any full-time work. He couldn't even jump.

Hardaway went back to Houston and had yet another MRI of his knee. This time, doctors saw something different. After years of hearing that the pain was due solely to the microfracture surgery he had in 2000, he finally learned the real reason he couldn't run or jump. "There was a huge bone spur on my knee," he says. "I said, 'Go in and take it out.' If I didn't come back, oh well."

Houston-based orthopedic surgeon Walter Lowe, chief physician for the NFL's Houston Texans, performed the procedure, which brought almost instant relief to Hardaway. After years of running in pain and looking more suited to an over-40 men's league than the big time, Hardaway was free. No more agony every time he loaded up to jump. No more gimpy gait.
The Plain Dealer mentioned Penny's rehab:

Former All-Star Penny Hardaway is working out in Houston in hopes of returning to the NBA. Hardaway, slowed by injuries, is now healthy.

Cavs guard Eric Snow hopes Hardaway, 35, gets another chance.

"Someone should take a look at him," Snow said. "The only issue Penny had was those injuries.

"You'd never question his talent or knowledge of the game. I'm quite sure he can come in and help a team a great deal."

You think the Cavs couldn't use Penny coming off the bench, playing some back up PG and some defense? At the very least, bring the guy in for a work out. Hell, if he's close to as healthy as he says he is, he could start here. Bring Snow off the bench as a defensive stopper.


POJO_Risin said...

You know, every time his name is mentioned, I think to myself...hmmm...

half a year...what if he panned out...and gave 70% of what he used to...

hell...even 50%...for what time he played...

I don't know though...they have the 2.1 exception I believe...but do you use it on Penny?

so many what many...

BW said...

I gotta sa, I dont think there is any doubt we should sign him if we could get him for bottom dollar. A guy who can spread the floor and play point. I know he hasnt played at a high level in what, a decade? Still the guy was a talent, and if hes in shape hes going to help someone in some capacity. It might as well be us. He couldnt be any worse than Wesley/Newble/Sasha.

Ben said...

The fact that Ira Newble dresses every game blows my mind (and the fact that I've been to two games and both times Newble played blows my mind even more)