Friday, March 09, 2007

Jamal Lewis Fallout

I'm not a fan of this move and Erik asks the right question: why couldn't the Browns, (as opposed to the Ravens) dump 2007's 3rd and 7th round picks and 2008's 3rd for Willis McGahee instead?

It's a good question that I hadn't considered. If the Ravens could do it, why couldn't the Browns? I know, I've been one of the bloggers telling the Browns to trade down (if possible) if the deal is there, so me giving them flack for not trading multiple draft picks doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

But... two 3rds and a 7th isn't a whole lot to give up for a young, talented back. McGahee could be added an offense that already features Kellen Winslow and Braylon Edwards- that is a dynamic (if brash) bunch of talent. If this line progresses, Charlie Frye would a bit easier time of running the offense with a back like McGahee behind him.

But say the Browns aren't committed to Frye and are enamored with Brady Quinn; McGahee is a back that would allow the Browns to draft Quinn at 3. Of course, I'd still rather them draft a linemen (if Joe Thomas is available at 3, he better not be at 4), but drafting Quinn could at least be justified.

Here's what my worries ultimately boil down to: I fear that Thomas will be picked by the Lions at 2 (though I hope with all of my heart that Millen takes Calvin Johnson) and the Browns will draft Quinn over Peterson and justify it by saying "we feel that we addressed our running back and line situation in free agency".

But they haven't. Steinbach is a great start and I love the signing... but, he's a guard. A real good guard who can play some tackle. And I have this sick feeling that they'll move him to tackle and sign a cheap replacement to play guard. Drafting Thomas (lord help me if he falls and they pass on him) and putting him next to Steinbach is my ideal offseason.

And Lewis? He's an OK start. He's on a one year deal and I'm not so sure that the Browns can rely on him. He's been on the decline and it looks like he's even worse than I thought.

A trade for McGahee solves the Browns' RB situation for the next few years while the signing of Lewis may not even work next year.

This draft, the Browns need to suck it up and draft linemen the first day and I've long said that Peterson is the one pick that I would be OK with at 3 (provided the Browns address the line in rounds 2 and 3). Trading for McGahee allows them to take a Brady Quinn at 3. Signing Lewis does not.

If the Browns think their free agent haul has allowed them to draft skill position players like Quinn, I feel they'll be sorely mistaken. If the Browns draft Quinn, I'm willing to bet that, in one year, I'll be back here writing some spelling error filled post screaming for the Browns to draft a lineman with their top 10 pick.

Nobody wants this.

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