Sunday, March 11, 2007

Oh the Sunday Paper

I've mentioned Paul Hoynes 'Best I've Ever Seen' series before and how I was a bit confused on his choosing Eddie Murray for 1st base (obviously, I had no qualms with him choosing Robbie for 2nd).

So I pick up today's PD and who do I see representing 3rd base? Travis Fryman? Jim Thome? Matt Williams? Nope. George Brett. Now, maybe I missed something, but George Brett never played for the Tribe.

Fine, this is his 'Best I Ever Seen' series, not a 'Best Tribe Player I've Ever Seen'. Maybe I'm a homer, but this makes the series pretty lame. I don't care about George Brett, I want to reminisce about former Tribe players.

Also, this makes the selection of Murray even more questionable. Sure, Eddie had great career numbers, but he wasn't a flashy player. I know it's hip to bash McGwire but how can he not say that Big Mac was the best he ever saw? People got to the ball park early just to see McGwire hit batting practice.

Then there's Branson Wright's 'Hey, Branson!' questions. My lord, do these people even watch basketball? Let's go through a few questions, shall we?

Q: Hey, Branson: The Cavs seem to have a certain intensity when LeBron doesn't play because the team knows they have to pick up their play. It seems outrageous, but should the Cavs trade LeBron for a caliber player like Steve Nash or Dwyane Wade? - Aaron Jarvis, Madison

My answer- Hey, Aaron: you're an idiot

BW's answer- Hey, Aaron: Since you believe the Cavs play so well without LeBron, why would they play any better with Nash or Wade? How about the Cavs trade LeBron to the Continental Basketball Association for a few of those players? Now we know those guys are hungry and have something to prove.

Q: Hey, Branson: What do you think about starting Anderson Varejao at center and bringing Zydrunas Ilgauskas off the bench? With Andy out there, the team could push the ball and break. When Z comes in, you could slow it down, feed him the ball inside, and even give James a break. Does Z make too much money for this type of setup? - Josh Fitzgerald, Winchester, Va.

BC- Hey, Josh: Both Z and Gooden are inconsistent game to game, bringing Varejao off the bench allows Mike Brown to sub him in for whichever big man is having off game. And Brown can't this with either Z or Gooden because they can only play one position.

BW - Hey, Josh: No one makes enough money not to sit the bench, but I'd continue to start Ilgauskas and bring Varejao off the bench for the same reasons you want to start Varejao. I want energy off the bench. Plus Varejao can play multiple positions, and that means I can utilize him wherever he's needed.

Q: Hey, Branson: Maybe you answered this questions and I missed it. Why is Ira Newble riding the bench? He went from a starter last season to invisible. Is he ill, hurt or what? - Les Shure, Lorain

BC - Hey, Les: The reasons are, in order: 1. LeBron James. 2. Larry Hughes. 3. Sasha Pavlovic. 4. Daniel Gibson. 5. Shannon Brown. 6. Damon Jones. 7. David Wesley. 8. Ira Newble. Also, Newble is an Eric Snow type player; good at defense (albeit overrated) and a poor shooter- the Cavs don't need any more of those. And are you clamoring for more Ira Newble?

BW- Hey, Les: Newble is well, but for whom would he come in? Newble 's a guard/small foward and he won't take away any time from Pavlovic, Larry Hughes, James or Donyell Marshall. Coach Brown has found a few minutes every now and then.

(Usually I'd rip on Newble quite a bit more, but he played very well versus the Bucks on Saturday night. Well done Ira)

And finally, as for the Akron Beacon Journal, Terry Pluto says that Akron deserves to be in the NCAA tournament. I agree, the MAC should get two teams.


Anonymous said...

My question is: Who the hell would write in a question to Branson Wright. Very odd.

Ben said...

honestly, does anyone with a Cavaliers question really turn to Branson Wright for the answer?

Also, I think the last questioner's name may be made up: Les Shure? Les Shure is asking a question? Really?

BW said...

Akron, Drexel, and Syracuse all got the shaft. Akron moreso than anyone because they won 26 and didnt even get to the NIT!!! How the fuck does that happen. Drexel wins 3 less games on the road than the worse 8 teams in the Big Ten. Syracuse only beat 5 teams in the top 25 RPI. What a damn joke.

Erik said...

You know who writes questions to Branson Wright? People who live in a far-off state, can't watch the Cavs on TV and apparently make assessments about the team based on what they read in the box score.

Or maybe that's giving them too much credit.

Here's how the raw copy probably looks...

"Deer Bransin,

I think the Caves shuld traid Z, Varijo, Goden, Pavlivich, Lary Huges an Erick Snow to Minesotta for KG. I think then wed win the NBA tittle for sure. Do you tink thed win the NBA title, tooo? Leebron and KG tugethr wuld RUUUUULLLLLEEEEE!!!!!!1111"

Thanks you, Some Guy In Juneau, AK."

And those are the questions that make it into the paper. Heaven knows what the rejects look like.