Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Random Thoughts from the Weekend (belated. again)

1. Eric Steinbach? I like it.

2. Does this mean the Browns can now use their first day picks on non-linemen? No.

3. I'm still of the position that the Browns take Thomas if he's there and Peterson is he's not.

4. Brady Quinn at 3? No. Brady Quinn mid-first round after a trade? OK (though, I'd still rather use a 3rd or a 4th on Troy Smith while using the top picks on linemen)

5. I'd love for the Browns to trade down. Love it. However, in order to trade down, someone has to want to trade up. The Browns can want to move down all they want but the deal will hinge on whoever wants to move up.

6. However, if Calvin Johnson is sitting there at 3, I'm sure the Browns will get some phone calls. I think Johnson is the Browns' best chance of trading down for multiple picks.

7. The Browns also nabbed Antwan Peek, an outside linebacker from Houston. I can honestly say I have no idea who that guy is.

8. What the hell is Jacksonville thinking? $17 million for Dennis Northcutt?

9. Why the hell would this happen? Don't the Browns have enough back-up quarterbacks?

10. Yes. Yes they do.

11. Terry Pluto says Eric Wedge isn't on the hot seat. I don't believe him. You can't tell me that Mark Shapiro isn't itching to install Casey Blake as player-manager.

12. I'm not a big Wedge guy, but I'm not all that against him either. I wouldn't mind him being on hot seat a little. If they have another lackluster season, I can't imagine him being back next year.

13. I loved the OSU-Michigan basketball game. It went exactly the way I wanted. Michigan's fans were pumped (everyone always says that Michigan doesn't care about the rivalry with OSU. Bullshit I say), the Buckeyes weren't getting the calls and Michigan was looking for an upset. That is the type of game I wanted them to be involved with.

14. While you're watching the game, it looks real bad for OSU but then you'd see the score and you're like "oh, they're only down 3". The game seemed much more lopsided than it actually was.

15. Midway through the first half, Michigan went on a run and got up 8. The next time down the court, Oden demanded the ball in the post, got it and scored while being fouled. Yes.

16. Also, I loved the fact Michigan was called 'Michigan State' at four times. Simmons did it too (though I can't find the link for it).

17. The Kent State-Akron game was one of the best games I've seen all year. Just phenomenal.

18. According to FSN Ohio, LeBron, Marshall, Newble, Wesley and Gooden all took in the Kent State-Akron goodness. Excellent choice boys.

19. Does rock and roll need saving?

20. This attorney controversy stinks to high heaven (start at the bottom and read your way up).

21. Stupid liberal CNN (more here)

22. Guilty. Good call Wolf.

23. I fully expect him to be pardoned.

24. Oh yea, Walter Reed.

25. Incompetence dodge, good call (I agree)

26. So NBC has replaced Studio 60 with The Black Donnellys. As a fan of Aaron Sorkin and a Godless liberal, I'm not pleased with the lack of Studio 60; the ratings aren't so hot and while I know it's not canceled, going on hiatus isn't a good sign. I really think that the show would take off if given a little time (and I think NBC may want to give it another year).

27. As for The Black Donnellys, I'm a bit mixed. The show is well done, but kind of cheesy. They've hit every mobster cliché in the book and I'm not sure how I feel about this. On one hand, it's kind of lame, but I'm also waiting for them get past the introductions and setups. Also, it's very very violent (I'm OK with, I'm just surprised that NBC is).

28. The Best Center of all Time?

29. Simmons didn't vote in the center thing and, as a basketball dork, I can't say I disagree (btw, he apologizes for calling Michigan MSU in this as well):
A question like that can't be answered without specific guidelines -- for instance, are you talking about careers, or the ceiling of every center? Kareem had a better career than Walton, but if you were picking between them for one game and your life depended on it, you'd take Walton. There's no debate. Also, are we talking about the impact of the players when they played, or how they compared to every other great center? Russell and Wilt put up phenomenal numbers in the '60s, but you're telling me that Hakeem wouldn't have averaged a 45-25 in 1962? That's why I had to abstain. There's no real way to answer the question.
30. So does this mean that LeBron wasn't coasting? I say: kinda. He's obviously been conserving his energy.

31. Congrats Erik

32. Shannon Brown, WTF?

33. I'm sure some columnist (Bud Shaw) will slam them for this, but some of the Cavs are buying lottery tickets. The guys buying tickets? Ira Newble and Larry Hughes, my two favorite players (who aren't overpaid in any way whatsoever).

34. Saw Brian Regan last week in Lakewood. He was hilarious (shocking!) and he didn't use any of his material from his CD (which I'm pretty sure I have memorized). Regan is probably my favorite stand up comedian out there and I've always been impressed by the fact that he does a family friendly show. Not that I'm against comics swearing (hell, I love Dave Attell), but to be that funny and not use any shocking words is pretty amazing. Here are a couple of Regan's Letterman appearances (though I'm not sure his late night routines do him justice):

Feb 2006:

Oct 2006:

35. However, Robert Randolph and the Family Band have put on some of the best late night talk show performances I have ever seen. These are from Letterman (his Leno appearance from a few years are was just draw dropping, but I can't seem to find it):

I Need More Love

Ain't Nothing Wrong with That


Erik said...

The best part about all the Cavs that took in the Kent-Akron game was that they all decided to go on their own. During the Rockets game, Fred McLeod said the team was just talking about the game in the locker room and a number of them decided it would be a good game to go see.

How many times does more than half of an NBA team go to see a midmajor college game, let alone do it not because they're getting paid to show up, but because they were into it?

I don't think you'll see Chauncey Billups and Rasheed Wallace appearing at a Wayne State or Detroit Mercy game any time soon.

It might have been unintentional, but what those Cavs players did was a really cool way to connect with the community.

(By the way, thanks for the congrats.)

Anonymous said...