Thursday, March 15, 2007

Scot Pollard supports Terrorism

"Hey kids, do drugs"

Pollard 'regrets' comment :

Nobody has ever confused Cavaliers center Scot Pollard with Nancy Reagan.

And the former first lady, famous for her anti-drug message, would not have been amused had she seen Pollard look into the camera during Sunday's telecast of the Cavs' game against the Indiana Pacers and say, "Hey kids, do drugs."

Rich Harsar of Lorain certainly doesn't find it funny. He was at home watching the game with his 11-year-old son, Mason, when the camera panned to Pollard, who was sitting on the bench in street clothes, during a 20-second timeout.


"We have spoken with Scot and certainly do not condone his actions," the statement said. "He regrets his mistake, using inappropriate humor, particularly when he has always been very involved in the community, projecting positive messages to our youth. We will handle the issue internally."

A spokesman for FSN Ohio, which aired the game, said the company had received no complaints about Pollard's comments.

"We're not on a delay and occasionally things like this make the air," the spokesman said. "We regret when this happens and apologize to our viewers."

Harsar said he understands people say and do "dumb things," but thinks it's especially reckless for someone like Pollard, who is in the spotlight and serves as a role model for youth.

"If it's LeBron James, what happens?" Harsar asked. "He would lose endorsements, and it would be a front-page story across the nation."

Reached for comment after the Cavs' game Wednesday night, Pollard said: "It was a bad joke. That's all it boils down to. There are a number of things people could say about it, but it just turned out it was a bad joke. Obviously, I don't believe that."

Obviously, it was a joke. He's just messin' around and it looks like he knows that he did something stupid immediately after he said it. I mean, know one believes that this guy

would condone drug use, right?

And I'm sure Pollard is well aware that drugs lead to terrorism.

See? The guy spelled out the word fact. That makes it true.

Oh, by the way, did everyone buy their ticket for Bonnaroo? With the Cavs playing as well as they are (Windhorst is actually sick of praising them), I really hope that I won't be forced to watch their first ever NBA Finals appearance through a cloud of smoke in the Movie Tent with a bunch of dirty hippies (which is what I did last year. And maybe I was a bit messed up, but I could've sworn that D.Wade shot 50 free throws one game).

And if the Cavs are knocked out before then, well, maybe I'll watch the Finals with Scot Pollard.


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