Friday, March 23, 2007

This probably won't end well

Yaysports! NBA is one of the best sports/NBA/Cavs blogs out there and if you haven't been checking the site out, you now have a good reason.

Me (though honestly, if you like reading, laughing and NBA ball, you really should have been over there way before this).

The Cavalier will be out and about/unable to post/on vacation/busy/tired/sick until the end of April. So instead of just having the site go dead for while (as I'm apt to do), he decided to get some guest bloggers.

5 guest bloggers, one for each day of the week and I am one of the chosen. My day is Wednesday and quite frankly, I'm not sure whats going to happen on the weekends (though I imagine something amazing).

Anyways, I'm excited and probably more nervous than I should be. It will be 'all new content!' so you won't be seeing just a game recap over there (though I've thought about the idea of having my game recaps cross posted at Swerbs, here, Real Cavs Fans AND Yaysports! all at once. Four sites, one effort to write. I'm lazy). Also, whatever I write won't be cross posted here, so on Wednesdays, if you want your Ben Cox fix (and who doesn't?), you'll have visit two sites.


JDW said...


Erik said...

Awesome. Congrats.

I'm telling you, live-blogging the misadventures of Fred McLeod, Austin Carr and Scott Williams would be an epic feature.

Does any other NBA team have such a comically-bad set of announcers?

When they hit the air, I'm reminded of a Bill Simmons mailbag quip from a few years ago about putting Al Michaels on air with Dikembe Mutombo and "some guy from the New York subway who thinks he's Jesus" just to see if Michaels would crack.

This is why we miss Michael Reghi. He made Carr and Williams sound somewhat coherent by asking them intellgent basketball questions, no matter how crazy their answers were. Now Williams can't remember what city he's in and Carr is singing made-up songs on the air. McLeod came on board and someone flung open the gate at the loonie bin.

Ben said...


I'm convinced, live blog tonight

Fritz said...

Congrats! I love me some Yay! and I think you'll do a fine job filling in for The Cavalier.