Thursday, September 06, 2007

More Cowher

This time from the Sports Guy (and hey, at least he doesn't have the Browns ranked 32nd):
28. Cleveland Browns
One year away from being turned around by Bill Cowher and his rejuvenated spittle.
Is it really that much of a lock? WKNR 850 plays a blurb from Jim Rome discussing this possibility.
Should I start preparing myself now? A team with a ND quarterback, a Miami tight end, a Michigan wide receiver and a former Raven (who gained 500 yards against the Browns in one season) at running back... all coached by a former Steeler?

But hey, if they win games.... I root for whoever.


Erik said...

But I might point out that Michigan, Notre Dame, Miami, the Steelers and Ravens have all won more than the Browns in the past 15-plus years.

The Steelers have a Findlay boy under center and an Ohio State boy as a starting receiver. They also turned Jack Lambert against us. I say steal their thunder whenever possible.

Ben said...

No, I know. The Browns can't exactly be picky on what kind of talent they get (or where it comes from), but still... you hate a guy for a decade and then he coaches your team.... damn.

now if the Cavs want to take a page from this playbook and sign Phil Jackson....