Sunday, September 09, 2007

Not Good

Under Romeo Crennel:

11/13/2005 - Pittsburgh 34, Cleveland 21
12/24/2005 - Pittsburgh 41, Cleveland 0
11/19/2006 - Pittsburgh 34, Cleveland 20
12/17/2006 - Pittsburgh 27, Cleveland 7
09/09/2007 - Pittsburgh 34, Cleveland 7

Also, it is my opinion that Brady Quinn didn't get any playing solely because Romeo doesn't want to have to answer "when does Brady start?" questions this week (and honestly, a blow out is the perfect time to get a rookie QB some reps).


Mike said...

Coaches have been fired for less.

LargeBill said...

I'm sure Crennell cares, but it always looks like he just doesn't give a $#it. So much of success in a team sport comes from attitude and confidence. The coach isn't inspiring confidence and it is obvious the team doesn't believe in Frye. I understand they were only pre-season games, but the team appeared to respond to Quinn.

The Other Ben said...

Bring on Cowher. That is all