Thursday, September 13, 2007

Um, kinda


Charlie Frye had little to recommend him except earnestness as a lifelong Browns fan and geographical happenstance as a college player at Akron.

Both gave him a pass for a time. The rub was that eventually he had to pass, too.

Maybe Frye bought some time with fans (and Terry Pluto) simply by being an Akron product and local boy, but I hope to God that Frye's hometown never came up in meeting between Romeo Crennel and Phil Savage (and if it did come up, fire both of them right now).

There seems to be some idea that the only reason Frye was around this season was because he was a "hometown kid". I don't particularly think so, maybe that played a part in things. A small part.

But ya know what? Frye won the job in training camp! We all saw that right? We all saw Derek Anderson lose the job to Charlie Frye (and he did lose the job, he was ahead of Frye coming into training camp). Sure, we also saw Brady Quinn outshine both of 'em, but he wasn't starting the season as the number 1 QB. So Frye won the job.

And then was awful.

Did Frye need to be traded (or cut)? Probably. Does the thought process of the Browns management scare the hell out of me? My God yes (a year ago they thought Frye was so well off that they didn't need a veteran QB to help out). Are we now simply waiting for Brady Quinn to take the field?

You bet.

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