Thursday, September 13, 2007

Simmons and Oden

I read the whole column and all I noticed was A) a "why the hell is this even there" Celtics reference B) Simmons likes being right and C) Simmons likes to jump to conclusion.

Besides that, fun read.

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Erik said...

The Celtics reference is probably there because Simmons wants to remind everyone how unfathomably lucky Boston now is that they didn't get the first overall pick.

Simmons was ready to drink Drano after the Celtics fell to fifth in the draft, but then they traded for Kevin Garnett, now this happens to Oden, and Simmons' whole attitude seems to be "Better Portland than me."

It's like when he was guaranteeing that LeBron wouldn't sign his contract extension with the Cavs and that basketball in Cleveland would be fatally wounded as a result. It's funny if it's not happening to him or his teams.