Thursday, September 06, 2007

Um, did Leigh Bodden not get the memo?

This is the year that the Browns aren't supposed to fuck up. This is the year the team takes off. Getting arrested during the first week of the season wasn't on the agenda:
Browns starting cornerback Leigh Bodden ended up in the Cleveland City Jail on Wednesday after being arrested at Cleveland-Hopkins International Airport. He was accused of aggravated disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and various traffic offenses.

According to Lt. Thomas Stacho, public information officer for the Cleveland Police Department, Bodden was spotted about 6:30 p.m. driving a 2004 GMC Yukon the wrong way on the lower roadway for arriving flights. When a police officer instructed Bodden to stop, he didn't immediately, but complied with a second request, pulling his vehicle to the curb and walking away.

God dammit. I'm sure Romeo is loving this, he's only had a quarter back controversy and a first round hold out in training camp. Things were supposed to become kinda normal for the season. But he can't care for this distraction for Week 1, especially when the first week's opponent thinks that their former coach is going to take his job.

(On a semi related note: this is dumb and means nothing at all)

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Anonymous said...

this is total BS. this cop has harrassed him and HIS FAMILY (not his people) before. he was TARGETED and asked to circle around... now this cop DID NOT ask other cars to move that had been sitting there longer than him. there ARE witnesses to that.

so he backed up to pull closer... why wouldn't he? especially if other cars were not asked to move. BS.