Friday, October 05, 2007

As always, you're missing the point

I can't stand Bill Simmons discussing A) Cleveland Sports or B) LeBron James:
Speaking of Cleveland, how 'bout LeBron's wearing a Yankees cap to the Yanks-Tribe game last night? Why not just hold a press conference to say, "I'm signing with the Knicks in two years?" Has there ever been a bigger and more random slap in the face to an entire city of sports fans? Even if you're a Yankees fan, don't you have to hide this in a PLAYOFF GAME THAT'S IN CLEVELAND???? I'm still speechless. I'm without speech. We're within three years of Knicks GM Anucha Browne Sanders introducing Bron-Bron to the New York press as Spike Lee sobs happily in the background.)
Did Simmons miss the part where Craig Sager called LeBron on being a front runner? He grew up a Cowboys, Yankees and Bulls fan (I hate fans like him). But I got no beef with him representing the team he roots for- that's fine. But it looked like LeBron was taken aback by how angry some of the Cleveland fans were and was he looked kinda shocked at their reaction (cause we've all known he's been a Yankees fan for years), like he was suprised we'd take offense. He probably thought he was being playful, but it really was almost insulting. He's Ohio's favorite son right now and he's wearing the opposing teams' hat in Cleveland... He shouldn't have done it. Root for your team, but don't wear their shit here. He misjudged the situation, but who cares?

As for Simmons saying LeBron is going to sign with the Knicks.... why? If he showed up to a Browns-Cowboys game wearing Dallas cap, would Simmons think that LBJ is signing with the Mavs? I doubt it. The Cavs just built at state of the art practice facility. LeBron is building a giant house with a freaking casino. The Knicks stink. They are a terrible franchise (Simmons even references the sexual harrassment case). Why would anyone want to play for that organization?

The Yankee cap means nothing. Calm down.


Graham said...

First, Simmons is a total douche and has to speculate about anything possible because he's not a reporter (I'm not knocking bloggers here, but blogging for means to me that you should be a little more responsible with your words and speculation). ESPN in general is blowing this up because they love the prospect of LeBron leaving.

In any case, it was stupid but I'm a little surprised so many people care. I certainly don't because LeBron is from Akron and has done more for this city than any other Cleveland athlete. I've always heard Cleveland fans are loyal and passionate, but they're never mistaken for being the most intelligent fans.

I never believed this but I'm starting to think otherwise. They acted like he was wearing an al Qaeda hat or something. I could give two shits as long as he is a Cav

Brian said...

Michael Beckwith said...

Good lord, we more or less wrote the same thing today.

I think Simmons' take was more or less tongue-in-cheek than anything. However, it seems a lot of the national media is on this bandwagon. Either way, I think someone in his crew should have advised him a little better on this one.

On a better note...

Training camp is underway!!!

Ben said...

I dunno about Simmons' tongue in cheek... he's been saying for years now that LeBron would be bolting for New York the first chance he got and he's assumed that it is a foregone conclusion that LeBron will end up a Knick.

Anyone else, who's treated this as a joke before, I'd buy it... but Simmons? Notsomuch

LargeBill said...

It's weird. It has been 14 years since we left the AL East, but the feelings against other AL Central teams is no where near as strong as the hatred of the Yankees. A side angle to the silly Lebron hat thing is it really shows that basketball is the number three sport in Cleveland. If Kellen Winslow or Grady Sizemore wore a Laker's jersey I doubt anyone would give a damn. The odd thing about James is he grew up in the 90's when we had some pretty good Indians teams. Heck, I grew up in the 60's when it was a struggle to remain an Indians fan.

Erik said...

I think the whole "LeBron-to-New York" angle is Simmons having a pre-emptive Boston pity party, so he can practice his whining should LeBron end up with the Knicks or Nets and administer yearly Atlantic Division beatdowns to his beloved Celtics and their by-then aging superstar Kevin Garnett.

There is no way Simmons wants LeBron in New York. No self-respecting Boston fan would. He's just getting ready because, as everyone knows, Boston always gets screwed in the end ('01, '03, '04 Patriots, '04 Red Sox). Poor dears.

Drew said...

Bob Feller has threatened to get courtside seats to a Cavs game and wear a Pistons jersey as a response to LeBron.

I'd love to see it happen.