Thursday, October 04, 2007

That was Awesome

I don't have a lot of time but I do have a few random thoughts...

I forgot how much I've missed October baseball. Sure, I've watched other playoff games over the years, but it's different when it's the Tribe.

C.C.: ya, he struggled with his control (6 walks) but none of them came around and scored. He pitched his ass off despite not having his best stuff.

Everytime C.C. gave up some runs, the Tribe came right back the next half inning. That is huge confidence-wise (if not for the pitcher, though I believe it is, but for my own sanity). Whenever Sabathia faltered, the hitters picked him right back up.

Come on Carmona!

Who knows, maybe Cleveland will get on the first half of Sports Center...

Craig Sager cracks me up. He was interviewing LeBron about wearing the Yankees cap and James said something along the lines of "I want the Tribe to do well, just not against the Yankees. I want the Browns to do well, just not against the Cowboys". Which is fine, to each their own (I really could give a shit less about which baseball team LeBron James roots for. I'm more concerned about him winning basketball games). Then Sager came back with something like "let me get this straight: you rooted for Michael Jordan and the Bulls, you root for the Yankees and you root for the Cowboys. LeBron, are you a front runner?" I can't say I didn't smirk (and I think that's the first time, ever, I've seen someone challenge LBJ during an interview).

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