Monday, October 01, 2007

Of course

Figures, the weekend I go out of town (NYC) is the same weekend the Cavs do something in months (though the moves weren't exactly earth shattering).

I'll have more later, but there's class and stuff to get to first...

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Erik said...

Even with the opening of Cleveland Clinic Courts, it doesn't really seem like the Cavs are headed into training camp revved up to defend their conference title (and maybe take that elusive last step to the Larry O'Brien Trophy).

LeBron seems to be taking a wait and see attitude with this team. He made a comment to the effect of "I hope management realizes we need them" with regard to Sasha and Andy. So with them not in camp and two sizeable holes on the roster, who really knows what LeBron's mentality is coming into camp?

Not that I necessarily fault the Cavs for not bending on their contracts. If Andy is asking for $10 million per and not budging, that's crazy. You already have a small army of overpaid players on the roster, you don't need more.

But regardless, I'm not getting a very good vibe from this team as camp starts. I hope LeBron doesn't have the same feeling.