Thursday, October 18, 2007


Well, that sucked ass. God damn I hate the Red Sox. Just... God damn I hate them.

What can you say about Josh Beckett? He was dominant. His curve ball is freaking ridonkulous. He kept his cool all game, came back from long layoffs and basically just pitched his ass off. He's been the best pitcher in the playoffs. Simply ridiculous. Simply dominant. I hate him.

Sabathia... struggled, labored but pitched relatively well until the 7th. I was kinda surprised he came out for the 7th, since he had had trouble with top of Boston's order all evening (and C.C. was over 100 pitches). But I was really surprised when Wedge kept him in after the lead off double.

Manny Ramirez is a spectacular baseball player. Ya, he does dumb shit (not run hard, pose for home runs, get picked off first base, etc). Ya, he says stupid things. But wow, can he hit (and hit and hit and hit). Can you name me a better right handed hitter over the past decade? He hits for average, power and he shows up in the playoffs.

Travis Hafner is struggling, badly. He's looked uncomfortable for most of the series and didn't fare any better tonight.

I really needed this weekend off for school work...

I'm more mad than worried about the Tribe heading to Boston. Now we're gonna hear all this '2004' shit blah blah blah. I'm more annoyed by it, if that makes sense... I'd rather not have to deal with it (the Boston fans, the media, the extra game(s)). But hey, they're still up 3-2 and pitching Fausto Carmona (hello?! He's really really good!). Neither Schilling nor Dice-K really worry me either. If Boston had won the middle game of the homestand, we'd be thrilled to head back with a 3-2 lead and Carmona taking the ball.

God damn I hate Boston.


Erik said...

Manny's evolution into a great postseason hitter makes me all the more bitter about how he never seemed to show up for the postseason with the Indians.

Nothing affects him. Pressure doesn't affect him. Criticism doesn't affect him. I remember a Mike Hegan quote from when Manny was still an Indian: "If everyone in the world were like Manny, there would be no need for antacid."

See ball, hit ball, collect $20 million. What a life.

Ben said...

getting picked off of first base was my personal fave...