Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Some Quick Thoughts

Anyone see Around the Horn and PTI today? That's kinda what I'm talking about. Did Kornheiser or Wilbon even mention the fact that Boston has to face Sabathia tomorrow night? Woody Paige made it sound like the pressure was on the Indians. I know Boston came back in 2004, that's great. But that is rare. The Indians closed out the Yankees on the road and now they're throwing a Cy Young contender in a close out game at home. The Red Sox are in a tough spot. Cleveland has better pitching top to bottom, can we agree on this? And what wins in the playoffs?

All this Kobe talk: if I'm the Phoenix Suns, I'm calling Dr. Buss every day with offers of Leandro Barbosa, Shawn Marion, Boris Diaw or any similar combination. Steve Nash only has a few years left at a MVP level and Kobe's contract is only another 2 years. Make the push now while Nash's back is still healthy. Plus, Marion wants to be traded anyway. I would imagine that any offer than Phoenix can put out (with just two of those three) would be better than anything Chicago can give LA. (Note: I have no idea if the salaries work. I'm too lazy to look this up).

One of my favorite musicians, Sondre Lerche, composed the soundtrack for the new Steve Carrell film Dan in Real Life and it is quite fantastic (I'm really digging 'To Be Surprised'). The soundtrack has 12 new compositions as well as some choice cuts from his earlier albums (including one of my all time favorite songs 'Modern Nature' off of Faces Down). It's mostly an acoustic affair, with some sparse arrangements complimenting Lerche's guitar (and some of his older stuff stands out, almost jarringly, due simply to the differences in production). I can't recommend it enough. Lerche will be in Cleveland on November 21st.

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Anonymous said...

I was really pissed when I heard them talking about the ALCS on PTI. They didn't even mention the Indians. I don't know why I watch that crap; it used to be a good show but not so much anymore.

Everything is either A.) What Boston needs to do or B.) How Boston screwed up.

What are you gonna do though? ESPN sucks and they hold are pretty much the main outlet for sports. It's too bad but it's kinda just where we're at right now.

On a side note to good music, Ryan Adams is playing at Lakewood Civic Center (I believe). He's one of the best musicians this decade IMO, even though his new album isn't as good as other stuff. Saw him out here in Denver at Red Rocks and he was very good.