Monday, June 12, 2006

Game 2 Thoughts

Dallas looks pretty good. I think they can sweep this thing.

5 shots for Shaq? After spending two days talking about how Shaq needs more than 11 shots, they get him less than half that? What the hell?

Late 90's "stars" playing are well. Both Stackhouse and Walker were looked as leaders or stars of the NBA in the late 90's early 00's, and both were kind of underwhelming. Walker was Employee Number 8 and Stackhouse was one of the many Jr. Jordan's, as well as Allen Iverson's first of many failed sidekicks. But now they are both contributing on teams in the finals as role players. Kinda intersting.

Having Stack off the bench is sweet. Stackhouse has kinda fit into his role as instant offense off the bench (and what a weapon that is). I mean, Dallas can basically bring an All-NBA scorer off their bench. Pretty damn nice. I've said it before, but Dallas just looks too deep and too quick for the Heat. Reportedly he'd rather be starting, but props to him for not making a big deal out of it (though, winning does cure everything).

Antoine Walker may be the most frustrating player to watch in the NBA. The Heat made a nice little run at the end with Walker on the court. And guess what, he wasn't shooting threes. He posted up (a little) but he took the ball inside. Wow, what a concept. When Walker parks his big ass in the lane he is hugely effective. He has the size to muscle to the hoop, but also has the quickness to get around guys. He also has great vision and skills. Which is why it is maddening when he sits outside the three point line and jacks 'em up all night. We can all see how talented he is, he just doesn't maximize his skills.

Like I said, Dallas is just too deep. They can send 3 7 footers at Shaq and any number of guys at Wade. Miami has shot poorly at the line, so Dallas doesn't have to worry about foul troubles. Devin Harris played great ball denial defense on Wade tonight. Harris is so quick that he can actually stick with Wade on the perimeter.

5 shots!?!?! Sorry, I'm still not over this. What in the name of Bimbo Coles is going on? I didn't think Shaq was this done. But damn.

Former Cavaliers! There was a Derek Anderson siting! Sure it was just on an ABC promo, but still. I don't think he's played yet. Neither has Jason Kapono and I haven't seen much of Michael Doleac. How the hell is Diop the most productive one out of this group.

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