Sunday, June 11, 2006

Sports Stuff

Hey, is Dallas in this series? After watching a lot of Sports Center and NBA Nation? Fast Break? I dunno what ESPN's basketball show is called, it was all Heat, all the time.

Now, I didn't watch yesterday, ESPN could've been all Dallas yesterday for all I know (though I doubt it). And true, Miami lost, so they need to make adjustments, so that'll get some stories/air play.

But if I'm Miami, I'd be a bit worried.

They started off as hot as they possibly could. They shot 70%(!) in the first period. 70!! That is absurd. 70%! 70%!!!!!

Antoine Walker had the game of his dreams. Shot 9 threes, had 6 rebounds and 4 assists.

Shaq got only 11 shots. Miami needs to get the ball to him more, but he did shoot 9 free throws (making one(!)), meaning Dallas fouled him 5 times, so lets say closer to 16 shots (which still isn't good).

Wade is sick. I'm sick of this shit, can Wade make it though a whole season please? I'm just sick of excuses at this point. I know you can't really blame Wade for this, but still, last year he got hurt vs the Pistons and now he's taking medication for the dreaded flu-like symptoms.

Dirk had a bad game. Dirk shot 4-14, at home, and Dallas still won pretty convincingly. And I know that Jason Terry played out of his mind, but still, all season Miami has had trouble stopping scoring guards, what makes anyone think they'll stop Terry now? Anyways, I doubt Dirk will have back to back poor shooting games.

Miami had a good shot. 70% from the field the first quarter, Antoine Walker not sucking and Dirk shooting poorly and they lost by 10. If they were going to steal a game, that was it. I'm not saying they can't do it tomorrow, I just don't know if they can.

Dallas is deep. Really deep. Really, really deep. Jerry Stackhouse would be starting for almost any team in this league; he once averaged 29 in a season. He's coming off Dallas's bench. Same with Dampier (while not as good) would still start for most teams in this league.

Dallas looks damn good. I don't want to get too far ahead of myself here. But I have this feeling that Dallas could sweep this series. I also have this feeling if Miami wins this, there will be a giant sigh of relief and there will be a mass retirement ceremony in South Beach. I just think that the Heat are holding on here; that Dallas is just the better team. I dunno, I could be wrong (and I have been before) but Miami looks tired out there.


Some baseball thoughts.

God damn Indians! They had a shot to take 2 from Chicago and get back into this division race. But no. They should've won the series vs LAAAAAA and Oakland. But instead they lost it. They need to start winning some of these games.

The bullpen sucks. Most Indians fans will blame Wickman for this loss, and maybe they're right. But Wickman has been great all year; this was his first blown save and it just came at a bad time (not that there's a good time). And while Wickman gave away the game in extra innings, the pen gave up the lead late in the game for second day in a row.

Victor looks to be coming around. A run scoring single? Yes. Two home runs? Thank you very much (my fantasy team thanks you as well).

How long does Wedge have? Not that this is all his fault, but its looking more and more like Wedge may not finish the year here. Should Mark Shapiro have given the bullpen more help? Yes. But something is going to give here pretty soon.

The Diamondback are saying to won't pay the rest of Grimsley's salary. I'm pretty sure this isn't legal. As far as I know Grimsley hasn't failed any drug tests or broken any of baseballs rules. He's broken the law and he's made some bad PR, but I'm pretty sure they still have to pay the dude.

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