Sunday, June 11, 2006

Roger Brown Agrees with Me


Once you get past the opening paragraphs ripping on Peralta (a second year player!? lay off!) Brown discusses reasons why the Cavs won't trade Z:

Should it really surprise anyone that Cavaliers GM Danny Ferry is strongly denying talk that center Zydrunas Ilgauskas is trade bait? Or that Ferry keeps insisting Z remains among the NBA's best centers? Look, overall, we applaud Ferry's work as a rookie GM last season: His February trade for Flip Murray, for example, was among the NBA's best moves, period. But when it comes to Ilgauskas, a longtime pal and former teammate, Ferry clearly has a stubborn blind spot - whether it's giving Ilgauskas too much money and too many years in an outrageous free-agent deal last summer to defending Z's sluggish play during the recent playoffs. That blind spot won't go away anytime soon.

Z staying, part 2:

Here's another reason the Cavs won't be getting rid of Ilgauskas for a while: It's becoming quite obvious Martynas Andriuskevicius, the much-hyped center prospect acquired last year, is nowhere close to being a credible NBA big man (much less a realistic second option to Z). Andriuskevicius played in the NBA's developmental league last year, and didn't wow too many folks.

Look, I've made this point before, if you trade Z (which I'm not totally opposed to) you need to have another option in the post. The Cavs don't. Plus, Z is above average. Sure he's slow and not as physical as some would like; but come on, he doesn't suck. So yeah, Brown agrees with me, saying he doubts the Cavs will trade Z. But when he says it, he rips on 2 Cavalier players and their GM.

(also, Marty was 'much-hyped'? Really? I thought the Cavs were happy getting a decent project in the second round, not exactly 'hyped'. Darko was 'much-hyped'. LeBron was 'much-hyped', Martynas Andriuskevicius was not 'much-hyped')

Well done Roger.

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