Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Lot's o' stuff

I recieve Terry Pluto's online newsletter, and this week it has some interting items on the Cavs and Indians.

First of all, he talks about fans wanting the Cavs to do some trading.

First, everyone wants to trade Z. As Pluto says, trading Z wouldn't be a problem; trading Z for any kind of value would be. A lot of Cavs fans (and Roger Brown) just want Z gone. Like somehow losing Z is addition by subtraction. This is retarded, Pluto mentions this as well. Z isn't perfect, but he can score some points. The Cavs offense sucks as it is, at least Z can put the ball in the hoops every once in awhile. Does that mean that the Cavs shouldn't trade him? No, but they can't just dump him, they need to get some value for him.

Pluto also points out that the Cavs won't get Drew Gooden walk away without any kind of compensation. Some people think Gooden is due a huge contract this offseason, and if he signs a huge deal somewhere else, the Cavs will let him go. But if he signs some kind of normal contract, you can bet your bottom dollar that the Cavs will re-sign him. They could still trade him of course, even a sign and trade; just don't expect the Cavs to A) sign Gooden to a huge deal or B) let him walk out of here with nothing in return.

Pluto also talks about the Indians and how they are not good. He talks about moving Grady Sizemore down from the leadoff spot to the third hole. Grady has the 2nd most extra-base hits on the team (after Hafner). He hits for too much power to be leadoff. He thinks the Tribe should move Michaels up, move Blake to the 2 hole, put Grady in 3 and keep Pronk at 4.

I like that idea.

Pluto also would like to see Sowers and Guthrie up here ASAP. I am all about this, I mean, they can't be worse can they? I mean, is that possible? Lets at least give the kids a shot.

And finally, Roger Brown thinks the Cavs aren't as good as the Wizards. That is all.

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