Monday, June 12, 2006

Roger Brown

Want another reason to dislike the dude?

He thinks Joe Morgan is the best analyst in baseball:

Joe Morgan of ESPN easily is baseball's best game analyst, and here's just the latest evidence why. When New York Yankees superstar Alex Rodriguez was charged with an undeserved error during a recent game against Boston - and by the Yankees' official scorekeeper, no less - an annoyed Morgan raged that no other big-league third baseman would have received a similar call. And Morgan declared Rodriguez made a mistake years ago by joining New York - a city that's never truly embraced him or his play. Now, that's solid, tough and candid analysis. Morgan also handled Sunday night's Indians-White Sox national telecast. (Fittingly, the Indians visit New York for a series beginning Tuesday.)

Personally, I hate Joe Morgan. It seems to me he always finds a way to bring the discussion back to his playing days. Like really, Joe, you played at one point? For the Reds? Ya don't say. Also, he gives us little gems of wisdom like this: "the second baseman's job is to cover second base" (this came from the Tribe's recent appearence on Sunday Night Baseball- not last nights, the Angels game). Best analyst my ass.

For more Joe Morgan hating turn your browser over here: Fire Joe Morgan.

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