Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Over the past few weeks I haven't posted as regularly as I would've liked for a number of reasons.

A) end of the Cavs season
B) laziness
C) a crazy hectic schedule (back and forth from Columbus to Hudson, a weekend a Bonnaroo and lots of visitors)
D) shitty Tribe season
E) intense studying for the GRE (kinda)
F) laziness

anyways, hopefully I'll be back to regular, daily updates and such

News and Notes:

I haven't comented on the NBA draft because A) I have no clue who any team will draft, let alone the Cavs at 25 and B) I'm pretty sure no one does either. I've heard rumors that the Cavs may go after Reddick (what?!) and all sorts of trades. Who knows. What I do know is that I plan on venturing into live blogging for the first time tomorrow evening. That's right, I'm going to live blog the NBA draft. I'm excited.

Speaking of venturing, I just picked up the Venture Bros. DVD and let me tell you: this show is amazing. It's a take off of the old Hanna Barbara cartoons (most notably Johnny Quest) with elements of comics, sci fi novels, Flash Gordon, James Bond and a whole lot more- and it's hilarious. I highly recommend the DVD. Season 2 just started on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim (if you missed the season opener, it's playing at 12:30 on June 30th). Venture Bros. is brilliantly written and, unlike most Adult Swim shows, beautifully drawn. I can't suggest this enough.

Finally, I recommend checking out the new albums by Paul Simon and Bruce Springsteen, Surprise and We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions respectively. I won't go too deep into the reviews (I mean, do I really have to expound on Simon and Springsteen?) but Simon's lyics can seem trite a times, but the whole album has a really nice sound. The songs are really good and I liked Brian Eno's production more than I thought I would.

I caught Springsteen on Conan last Friday and I was blown away. I was captivated by the band Bruce had constructed and I just sat and watched them perform with a big stupid grin on my face. I can't say enough about the Conan performances, Bring 'Em Home was subtly powerful while Pay Me My Money Down just looks like a blast. I'm seriously, I would give my left arm to play in a group like that, just for a day, I mean, damn, that looks fun.

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