Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Cavs have a lot of guards

And they're looking to dump... er.. trade some of them. So says Terry Pluto:

The Cavs are trying to move some of their guards -- possibly Luke Jackson, Ira Newble, Sasha Pavlovic and Damon Jones. They'd like a point guard with some speed. Fans want to dump Eric Snow, but unless the Cavs can find a viable starting point guard, that makes no sense. He's experienced, unselfish and does play defense. He's still the best point guard on the roster. Yes, rookie Shannon Brown has been impressive in the summer leagues, but the Cavs see him mostly as a shooting guard at this point in his career.

Let's review the Cavs current roster shall we?

Zydrunas Ilgauskas - 7-3, C
Drew Gooden - 6-10, F
LeBron James - 6-8, F
Larry Hughes - 6-5, G
Eric Snow - 6-3, G

Eddie Basden - 6-5, G
Shannon Brown - 6-4, G
Daniel Gibson - 6-2, G
Luke Jackson - 6-7, G/F
Damon Jones - 6-3, G
Donyell Marshall - 6-9, F
Ira Newble - 6-7, G/F
Sasha Pavlovic - 6-7, G/F
Scot Pollard - 6-11, F/C
Anderson Varejao - 6-10, F

Look at that backcourt. The only real top flight guard out there is Larry Hughes, who has underwhelmed so far. When Hughes sits and/or gets hurt that means the Cavs' backcourt will consist of two people from the following list: Eric Snow (old), Shannon Brown (rookie), Eddie Basden (this person does not exist), Damon Jones (old), Daniel Gibson (second round rookie), Ira Newble (terrible), Luke Jackson (probably hurt) and Sasha Pavlovic (the definition of mediocre).

That doesn't exactly inspire confidence, does it?

I'm with Pluto, a lot of fans want to dump Snow, but who the hell starts at point? Damon Jones? Who else is an actual point guard? Both Brown and Gibson are combo-ish type guards, not to mention that they are rookies.

This is kind of similar to when Z was a free agent, many people, like say... Roger Brown, wanted Z gone. Z was too weak, too slow and looked funny; he had to go. Nevermind that if Z left the Cavaliers would have had... um.... nobody starting at center. And while I could see the Z-haters points, I just wanted to know: who was replacing him?

Same thing with Snow. Believe you me, I could go for a point guard upgrade, but if the Cavs dump Snow, who starts?

So ya, the Cavs go about 9 guards (not counting Stephen Hunter, who I assume won't be back) on a 15 man roster. A move has to be made (even if it's just to free up some minutes). Pavlovic and Jackson seem the most likely to me. They're both young and relatively cheap. Jones and Newble are both older and overpaid; Jones is still useful (at least he can shoot) so he could draw a little interest. Newble? If Danny Ferry can dump him for anything, I'll be happy.

One last thing, look at that big man rotation: Z, Gooden, Marshall, Varejao and Pollard. When the hell did this happen, that looks like a rotation for a playoff team. Some veterans, some bangers, some energy guys and a 3 point specialist. I really like that big man group (it's no Nance, Daugherty and Williams, but it's not Hill, Potapenko and Cage either).

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